Monday, August 28, 2017

Semana Veintinueve

Whelp, I looked at my email from last week and saw that it didn't send a lot of what happened the rest of the week. :( Triste computadora. 

On Saturday (19th August 2017) we studied some signs in order to teach Teresa, but she didn't end up being at her house, which totally worked out, because we were able to teach a reference and had an awesome lesson with her. She's the sweetest and very attentive to what we were saying. Very sweet. :) Then we went to lunch and my time came. Mondongo. The stomach of a cow. And I thought I was going to die. But I didn't. It actually wasn't that bad, but it's definitely NOT my favorite dish. :P Hna Pérez was a doll and ate the last rolled up piece of intestine. Guys, I'm reading my journal now, and I must have been so out of it. It doesn't make sense, whatsoever. XD But we went to teach Janett and we even got to play with her little girl, which is always so much fun. Then we went and talked to another family of ours before heading home. We had a lot of laughs, enjoyed life, and whatnot. It's so funny how things change. My 6 months of missionary life, I was worrying about the language. Now, I'm stressing about my abilities as a missionary. Ah, life. But I love the Book of Mormon, especially in Spanish. That's the last thing I wrote, so that's the most important ;)

On Sunday (20th August 2017) Can you guys believe we're finishing August? Holy heck. Anyway, we went to church in Boulevard, and taught Janett about service in Gospel Principles. Super awesome, and then we headed to 20 de noviembre for the rest of the day. The sister (Hna Emma) fixed me Mole, and I thought I was going to die. It was super good, but do not drink Sprite with it. It hurts! Then we headed out to teach, and we had the awesomest lesson EVER! It was with a reference from President, and they were going to leave in 10 minutes, but they stayed an entire hour or so just to listen to us! He was so interested, and his eyes lit up with understanding and with the power of what we were teaching him. And his wife, who is super Catholic, was so in awe over the history of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. It's people like them that make missionary work worth it. Then his kid gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and I just couldn't even do anything. I was so in shock and just internally died. :l anyway, we finished the day offering service. We helped a little elderly woman clean up som massive leaves in front of her house, when this drunk guy started walking towards us and talking to us. I was so ready to pop a top, it's not even funny. Oh my gosh. Luckily, Hno Roberto and his friend pulled up in their car just in time to save us. Well, save him. I was ready to fight. Anyway, we helped a part member family move into their house and organize, and the entire time, Hno Frank kept annoying me about my supposed boyfriend back home. Ay ay ay. 

On Monday (21st August 2017) we studied and cleaned the house, and watched a movie, because we have absolutely no money. It is ridiculous. This is why you must budget and not go too crazy. ;) Awe, life. We went to lunch and it was lasagna. I thought I was going to die. I ate 4 squares, which is so aweful, but it was so worth it. I was a content and happy individual. :) Then we went to write home, but literally all of México didn't have internet. Even the offices. So we got to write on Tuesday!

On Tuesday (22nd August 2017) we went to district class, and I got to be the victim for contacting. o.o Élder Petersen said something sassy when it was his turn, so when we went to contact me . . . poor kid. "Hi, sister, how are you?" "Bad." o.o "Oh, why?" "My spouse just died." Oh my gosh, I feel so bad now, but he did an awesome job! His contact was fantastic, and he applied what President had taught us the week before. Then we left to help the woman from Sunday with the rest of her leaves, and I honestly just died. We all had so much fun. Throwing bags, juggling bags, flicking blood-sucking worms off of each other, getting bit by ants XP Oh, and when we were about to finish, this ginormous spider came out of no where. All the sisters started to scream and run, and thinking "What in the world? It's just a spider." I went to look at it. It was ginormous, brown, and it jumped! So I ran away screaming too XD Then, I was pulling out a stick from all the leaves, and accidentally pulled out an entire tree. The horror. Then, when I left to accompany a sister to the bathroom and returned, Élder Raudales called out to me. When I walked over, his face was priceless, and he said "We NEED you." in English so that the sister who was helping them wouldn't understand. XD I could understand; the sister didn't want to get dirty, so she wasn't really helping them. After the service project and drinking some Coca that she bought us (best part of the whole thing), we left in divisions. I was with Hna Gonzales in her area, and we had so much fun. I loved getting to know the sisters and investigadors, and I loved out lessons. And I enjoyed getting to know her. We ended the night taking pictures for her 9 months in the mission and eating cookies for her felix cumple mes! HNA WILSON! We took the pregnancy picture of 9 months XD and then of me with my 6 month mission "baby" She has the pictures, and I'm sure she'll send them to you. :) 

On Wednesday (23rd August 2017) we ended divisions. We had a lesson with a sister and her sick son, ate a good lunch, and had a great Family Home Evening with Janett about prayer. That we need to pray individually and as a family, and that parents are responsible for teaching their children correct principles of the Gospel, such as prayer. I loved the lesson, and it strengthened my testimony of prayer. I actually took the opportunity to pray alone and talk with Heavenly Father in English, and I encourage any and every missionary who has to learn another language to do so. It was exactly what I needed, and I felt normal again. I felt like I could reconnect a little with the person I was when I was home. And it's made all the difference. :) Especially with the difficulties we've had as a companionship. 

On Thursday (24th August 2017) we supposedly figured things out as a companionship and studied before heading out. As we were walking to deliver a Book of Mormon, some random guy called out to us and it turned out to be a president of a branch. He wanted us to teach his friend on the spot, and I just sat there and marveled as Hna Pérez answered all of his deeply profound questions. It was awesome to watch, and I loved the Spirit that took over when everything came together and I could see the understanding in his eyes. After that, we had some awesome contacts and lessons throughout the day, and we finished the night helping an investigator correct some papers for her students. I love correcting, but I never want to be a teacher. :P

On Friday (25th August 2017) I think this was the worst day for our companionship. So that you understand all that's gone down, I'm gonna explain the situation. 
Hna Pérez is an awesome missionary. She's very hard working, she knows how to teach really well, and she's great at teaching people and not just a lesson. I've learned so much from her, and she's so wonderful. But she lacks patience. She explodes over just about anything that doesn't go her way or conforms to her way of thinking, and she throws a fit over just about everything. So, you could say that I'd been lacking quite the emotional love that I need as a human being, and if I wanted it, I'd only get an angry companion and we wouldn't have any success or the Spirit. So, with all the anger and random fits she threw at me just this week, I finally broke down and cried in the morning. And she refused to comfort me (I asked for a hug and she told me no, because it wasn't going to change anything) and just said, "Is this gonna change anything? No." And then she said it was time to leave and we left. She walked in front of me and far away, she refused to talk to me, she only let me talk in the lessons when it benefited her, she made me do all the talking in our meeting with Hno Frank, she basically had nothing to do with me up until 3:30 in the afternoon after lunch. But, God answers prayers in so many different ways. The sister at lunch softly put her in her place about people who cry. That's it's a way to let go of pain and purify on the heart and soul. After that, she talked to me. Nothing was resolved, but she acted like everything was fine. So apparently everything was fine. So we continued on like all was well. But God answers prayers. :) The sister from lunch gave me the love that I needed that day, we got food from a member which was a huge blessing because we have no food in the house or money to buy food until this week. :P haha. And I got my camera back from the bishop from 20! He's a miracle worker. :) And then Hna Casteneda called and wanted to talk to me. She asked about the companionship, and me being the honest person that I am, spilled it on her. So she told me that I need transfers. And then she talked to Hna Pérez afterwards, and I was already in bed, but when she came back in, I knew she was mad. I heard her rip something up, and I knew it was a letter that I had written her. I knew she was SO mad.

On Saturday (26th August 2017) I was doing some stretches when I got the distinct impression to talk to Hna Pérez. So, I got up and we talked, and as it turned out, she'd been waiting. She just started apologizing for not being a good companion and for not giving me the love that I need as a human being. She apologized for her impatience and that she allowed what happened the day before to happen. She just spilled everything on me, and I finally felt like I was able to talk to her. And our companionship was able to heal from all that had happened, and I can happily say that, since then, we've been so much better. I've felt better in the language as well as in my abilities as a missionary. We've had some rockin' lessons and contacts, and we've been able to bond as friends and not just as companions. I had a wonderful and edifying study that boosted my confidence in teaching, and we had a great lesson on the Word of Wisdom with Janett and her husband. Then we visited a member and his wife, who has cancer, and I just died. My heart was so full of feelings for this sister. She laid in bed, unable to walk or do much of anything because of the cancer. But she was so happy and felt so much better that we came to visit her. She fed us cake, and I just marveled at her and the people here. They have so little, but they give all that they can, because they know that we are representatives of Jesus Christ, even if they don't agree with what we believe. I just was so in awe. These people are amazing. And I'm super privileged to be here with them. :) 

On Sunday (27th August 2017) I was super anxious in the morning for who-knows-why. But it was a wonderful day! We went to Mirador so that Hna Pérez could give her talk. She didn't realize it was her turn, and when she did, she got up so fast that her pen fell and then she accidentally kicked it half across the room. I just died laughing. XD Then we headed to Boulevard to teach Gospel Principles with Janett. It was the Word of Wisdom again, but we focused more on goals, and I loved the example that Hna Pérez used of the Brother of Jared and his rocks that he presented to the Lord to fix the problem of not having light for the boats. We need to present our goals to the Lord and ask if they are in accordance with His will, and then continue on. I loved it. I just died in awe at her teaching skills, and I'm so grateful I have such a skilled companion to learn from. Then we went to 20 and that really doesn't have much to be said about. 20 annoys Hna Pérez, so, we'll just skip that part. ;) We had a great lunch, and then we helped a man in his wheelchair get to his house. He shared his Coca with us, which was so nice. :') UGH. THESE PEOPLE. I JUST LOVE 'EM. We went to teach Melissa and her family, and we ended up teaching them this funny whatever for when they're bored. I know that didn't make sense, but I'll teach it to you when I get home. Then we went to teach Isidro, and his family gave us dinner. XD And Pozol. And my cup fell in bird poo. :( It was so funny ;) XD And we finished the night helping the Bishop's wife and talking with her, because it started to storm. The church flooded. :( Like Villahermosa! And then, as the Bishop gave us a ride home, he totally joked with us. "So, to the right?" XD And the lightning here is SO BEAUTIFUL GUYS. I loved it. I sat in my chair and wrote in my journal and studied as I watched the awesome purple lightning crackle in the sky. Gosh. I wish you guys could've seen it. 

​Haha, I got my camera back and the only picture I have is of this awesome bug we found. Enjoy! XD I love you all and I'll see you soon!

Hermana Húber :)
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Semana Veintiocho

Hola everyone! Hope your week went great! The internet went out all over México (well, here) so that's why this is a little late. You can cancel your airplane ticket, Dad. I'm still here and alive. ;) Te amo! 

On Monday (14th August 2017) we cleaned the house and ate pizza and I taught Hna Pérez a little bit on the piano. Then we got the call that we had our interviews with President that very day. Total panic mode for everyone, haha. So we wrote home really quick and then headed to the church building for interviews. This interview went great, and I appreciated the advice and council that President gave me. He was really impressed by my progression in the language and that I'm ahead of the game. He counciled me to not minimize my worth and power here as a missionary and as the person that I am. That God sure loves me. And that Twin Falls should be proud. :) Hna Gonzales told me that Bartolo shows people his picture of me and tells them about me. I just love that man. :)

On Tuesday (15th August 2017) we went to district class and had a blast. I recognized that the first portion of a foreign speaking mission is learning patience and humility, and to pray and rely on God a lot. Now that I understand so much more and can talk more, I'm glad that I stuck it out. After district class, we went and had pizza as a district. I got to teach everyone the cup song, and I just loved the look of wonder in Élder Valles' eyes. Like, WOAH. Afterwards, we had an awesome lesson with Janett. :) She tries with what little time she has to read the pamphlets and the Book of Mormon. She's such a doll. And then we had a lesson with Augusto, and it was like teaching a small child. I loved it. And I love teaching to the person rather than a lesson, because the Spirit is so much MORE with them. 

On Wednesday (16th August 2017) we had our zone conference and it was absolutely awesome. :) President taught us that we need to ask questions and then listen, rather than think about what we're going to say next. As a missionary learning a language, this really struck me, because while I'm listening, I have to translate and blah blah blah, but as I've applied this, it's helped a lot more with me as a person and as a missionary. I loved that the focus was on teaching the person rather than a lesson, because we can teach the lessons like they did in the past (memorized) but that's not going to help people. We're here to help people come unto Christ and we can't do that if we don't answer their questions about Him. Afterwards, I got to know the other North American here in the mission, and I loved it. It feels good to be among your own people and language ;) As we were leaving, I was teaching Élder Valle and Élder Rivas sign language, and when Élder Rivas asked me what a certain sign meant, I looked at him, horrified, and said, "Élder, that's a really bad word." His face XD "Really?!" "No." XD and then we left in a taxi and the élderes called me fresa XD as we headed home in the bus, Élder Peterson and I talked, and it turns out that Élder Sumpter (an elder from my district in the CCM) went home early. He got really sick. :( We ended the day finding out our area boundaries XD and making some awesome contacts. 

On Thursday (17th August 2017) we got up, studied, did weekly planning, and had companionship inventory. It took an unexpected turn because I hadn't realized how much pent-up feelings I had regarding Hna Ortega. But through it all, I'm able to apply the Atonement in my life and learn how to forgive and allow Christ to heal me. :) Then we headed out to teach. Watched a movie with Marisol, and she can get divorced in three months! Woohoo! Then we went to teach Isidro, but he wasn't there. So, we talked with his daughter and son-in-law, and it was awesome. She confided in us many things, and I was able to apply what President taught us and teach according to her needs. And I just loved watching Hna Pérez take off in her teaching, because it was full of the Spirit. The sister told us that what we had to say was exactly what she'd been waiting for, and she was so grateful that we came and taught her. :) then we read the Book of Mormon with Isidro and headed to the church building to use the bathroom. Triste Hna Pérez wouldn't let me use the bathroom! She shoved me in a room and closed the door, and then laughed so hard when I walked out the other door to the same room. XD and after we used the bathroom, she kept spraying me with water, so I took two-hands-full of water and threw it on her before running away. She locked me in the church building, so I climbed out the window XD sometimes, we have too much fun. 

On Friday (18th August 2017) we got up, studied, and then had cordination meeting with Mirador before eating food and heading out to Boulevard. We taught an investigator and got two references from her before heading to an appointment in Mirador, which actually didn't end up happening until later, but we found an old investigator while we waited, so all was well. We had an awesome taxi driver who was very patient with our "directions" XD we literally drove every where before we ended up where we needed to be. Haha. 

On Saturday (19th August 2017) we studied some signs in order to teach Teresa, but she didn't end up being at her house, which totally worked out, because we were able to teach a reference and had an awesome lesson with her. She's the sweetest and very attentive to what we were saying. Very sweet. :) Then we went to lunch and my time came. Mondongo. The stomach of a cow. And I thought I was going to die. B

Hermana Húber :)
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