Monday, July 24, 2017

Semana Veinticuatro

Hola familia y amigos! I have no idea how well this email will go; we're running pretty late today. And I haven't been able to journal properly, so I actually have no idea the sequence or anything. But here goes nothing!

On Monday (17th July 2017) we received our other companion, Hna. Pérez. I'd actually met her in Villahermosa with Mama Pérez with Hna Wilson. So, when I found out it was going to be her, I got really excited. She reminds me of a cute little bird. Super chipper, happy, and she is super intelligent. She studied languages, so her Spanish is really proper. I have no idea what she's saying half of the time, and neither does Hna Ortega. :P But that only means my Spanish will improve drastically, so either way, it's good. ;) 

On Tuesday (18th July 2017) Hna Ortega went to a conference in Villahermosa, so that left me to guide Hna Pérez and Hna Jimenez around Coatza. I'd been pretty worried about it since Hna Ortega had told me, because in my head, I didn't know anything. Hna Ortega always did everything, so how in the world was I going to know? But the Spirit was real, and everything went fine. I was able to open up about a lot of things to my new and temporary companions, and their advice and love and encouragement really helped me in a lot of ways. 

On Wednesday (19th July 2017) the Spirit was yet again with me, and we were able to contact a really wonderful family, and I just love them. Their names are Esperanza and David, and they are so funny. Here, gueda is white girl, and they call me their "guedita". I hate that word, but it's a term of endearment, so whatever. Hna Jimenez and Hna Pérez truly taught me about enjoying my mission and having fun while I'm here. Ever since I got transfered here, and you all know that I had problems with Hna Ortega, I'd felt like a slave and super pressured. But God blessed me with the relief that I had been praying for, and I now know that I can enjoy this time. I don't feel afraid or like I can't do anything. And I realized that the problem I had been having was Hna Ortega.

So on Thursday (20th July 2017) we had our first companionship inventory as a trio and for me and Hna Ortega. It was super intense, but I was finally able to unleash everything on her. And Hna Pérez was there to defend me and actually jumped in and showed Hna Ortega that I wasn't just blowing smoke. Wow . . . it was super intense, but it was a great learning experience for Hna Ortega. She recognized her faults, recognized the abuse, recognized that she wasn't perfect, recognized that her way wasn't the only way. I felt liberated and free, and I finally felt like the missionary I had envisioned myself being. Our lesson with a family that I adore went great, and I taught and talked and testified more. I explained more, and I felt like we were in sinc. So awesome.

Friday (21st July 2017), Saturday (22nd July 2017), and Sunday (23rd July 2017) are all a blur, so here's a blurb. Oh my gosh. I haven't had this much fun since Hna Wilson. Now Nicole, triste ;P :) We were walking and Hna Pérez wanted this fruit that was hanging from a tree, so I gave her my shoe and she got my freaking shoe stuck in the tree. So Hna Ortega had to climb the fence in public and get my shoe and the fruit. Luckily, not many people saw and the owner wasn't around. XD And then Hna Pérez wanted another fruit, so I had to take a rock and hit it out of the tree (which didn't even work. My softball skills were too much for the tree XD) I finally knocked it down with another fruit. And whenever I was feeling frustrated or down, Hna Pérez would try to show me a video, and every time, it was the wrong video. XD If I was feeling frustrated about the language, she kept showing me how to overcome pornography videos or the law of chastity videos. XD Or something else that would only make me feel like, "Uh, thanks, but . . . " 
We had awesome lessons, and we also had lessons where the Spirit was totally there, but the person totally rejected. It's sad to see the hold that Satan can have if a person gives in. It's sad to see someone so active and knowledgable about the gospel turn a total 180 and reject it all. But everyone has their agency, and we're only here to invite, not to force. 

God is real. He answers prayers, and He answers them in His own time, much to my impatience. ;P But He's real. He's really there. He really loves me. He really loves you. He really loves all of His children. And because He loves them, He has His restored gospel on the earth, guided by a living prophet named Thomas S. Monson. He has all of the small and simple and pure truths that were taken from the Bible throughout history restored in the Book of Mormon, so that with both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, we can have all of His teachings. I know that times get hard for everyone. Life isn't supposed to be easy, and sometimes we get super stressed out because things aren't working out the way we think they should. So stressed out that our hair falls out ;) but God has His hand in everything. The first principle of any religion is faith. Because if you don't have faith, you don't have anything. There's no point. I have never had to exercise so much faith in my entire life as I have here. Faith that the pain doesn't last forever, faith that someone really does want to change their life and follow Jesus Christ, faith that my family will be okay and protected while I'm gone for the next year, faith that I will eventually know this dang language -_- faith that I really am making a difference by being here and not wasting someone's time and money, faith that this is where I'm meant to be and that I can handle it. 
This week, I'm going to study faith. And I challenge you all to do it to. Find faith in the Bible dictionary or whatever the thing is in the Book of Mormon (dang Spanish. The GEE XD ) and study the principle faith. I know that I'm going to be edified, and so will you. Remember that faith is an action, because faith without works is dead. I love you all, and I know that God is blessing every one of you. You're all in my prayers, I miss you terribly, but I know it'll all be worth it when I get home and see your beautiful faces. And hopefully, by that time, I won't even remember English ;) I love you all! Tenga una bonita semana, mis amores! 

Haha, photos next week. :P I promise!

Hermana Húber :)
Misión México Villahermosa
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Semana Veintitres

Hola mi familia! Gracias por sus cartas, y disculpe porque el tiempo es muy corto.

On Monday (10th July 2017) it went pretty swell. We got up and did the normal, and then headed out for a little farewell party for Hna Garcia. We played games, ate, and enjoyed some time together before we headed out to buy food and write home. After we finished writing, we headed out with a member to visit some less active members. We taught some great lessons, and while we waited for the member to finish chatting, we taught three young women who are also less active. It was funny, because Hna Ortega was talking, and I waited my turn, and once it happened . . . guys, I couldn't stop talking. My mouth just went crazy with all these Spanish words and topics, and I just marveled afterwards at the Spirit. Super awesome . . . wow.

On Tuesday (11th July 2017) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR PAPÍ, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! (By this time next year, I'll have it memorized in Spanish ;) ) Today was district class, and I just absolutely adored it. First, we gave our numbers, and when we put that we had 1 DQ, the elders went CRAZY! And one elder in his accented English, "I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!" XD I died so hard. Ugh, guys. Our district leader is super spiritual, and he knows just what to say or teach in order to help. And he teaches according to the needs in our area. Totally diverts away from the topic to help us. Super cool, and I was able to blab so much in class. XP Haha, but I got to give some elders some advice, and I felt helpful. And then, when I asked for help with a topic in my Spanish book, the elder who can speak both English and Spanish fluently couldn't help me, but the elder just learning english could. XD I love them. And then I had interviews with president. Both edifying and very humbling for me. He told me how proud he was of the progress I've made, and he's proud of who I've become, and he's going to keep pushing me. He told me that I'm going to enjoy my mission and that when I'm through, I'm going to have a badge that no one can take away from me. I served my mission in the heart of Book of Mormon history, serving among the Lamanite blood, in the #1 baptizing mission in Mexico. Then we headed off to work! While we were talking to a reference, a family drove by and their little boy yelled, "HERMANA HÚBER!!!!!" Mi corazón. 

On Wednesday (12th July 2017) we had zone conference, and I loved it. Very edifying, very spiritual, and President always knows exactly what to teach and say and . . . wow. President just rocks. He couldn't stop laughing as we played volleyball, because if no one was going for the ball and I couldn't reach it with my hands, BOOM. There's the foot. And a scream, because I'm scared it's gonna hit the ground and we're gonna lose. XD Oh my heck. Okay, after the lesson, we went outside to play sports as a zone, and there's a game here where one person has the ball and chases the other people trying to hit them with it. So, Hna Garcia had the ball, and she totally locked in on me. The sisters and all of the elders were watching, and there was NO WAY I was going to get shown up in front of all the missionaries, so I ran like crazy and outran Hna Garcia! I was told later that no one has been able to do that, and Hna Garcia kept asking me, "What do you do in the mornings to workout!?" XD Woohoo! Then I crashed into Hna Casteneda when I was making room for Elder Piña to grab his food, and then Hna Hernandez told me to dream with her. XD Oh Mexico, Oh Spanish.

On Thursday (13th July 2017) it was another swell day. Great stretches because my body hurt like none other, and then studied hardcore. Then we went to lunch, and I literally thought I was going to die. Guys. They fed us cow stomach. It looked like a tongue. Oh my gosh. When she put the plate in front of me, and I realized what it was, I just looked at Hna Ortega, and we both thought the same thing, "We're going to die. This is it." Luckily, the family followed the promptings of the Spirit and the obvious fear on our faced and fed us eggs instead. :) Death averted otra vez! We taught the rest of the day, and had pretty awesome lessons. I talked like none other, although totally aware that I messed up ;) It's actually fun to mess up and ask for help now; before, it just killed me and I felt like . . . well, unintelligent. Oh, and when the Spirit wants something done, and He has a willing vessle, He get's'er done. I saw a man with his multitude bags and just went in for the kill. Great contact, and I felt great following the Spirit. Then off I went on divisions with the wonderful Hna Casteneda :D

On Friday (14th July 2017) I had a very edifying study and I felt so much better about life afterwards too. I had a humbling interview with president, and the days following it had been a little tough for me, especially with the things he'd set goals for me to do (contacting. Ugh, I hate contacting. Well, kind of. XD I actually really enjoy it now, because I like to blab.) I felt like I'd made all this progress and had done so great, and I was praised for it, but then there was even more expected out of me. Like, I just climbed a mountain . . . and then I realized there was so much more mountain to climb before I reached the top. :P But, I know it's all for the work. It's all for the growth and development of me. I know it's for the best and what God wants for me . . . but that doesn't always make it easier ;) Anyway, after the study, I felt like I'd gained my confidence back (that I'd lost when I went into the CCM) and I realized that my mission is a blessing. And I'm going to love it. I am loving it, it's just nice to be reminded how much I love it. :) I realized that President was right and that it's time to take my place among the noble and great ones (i.e. Hna Warren, Hna Keller, Hna Wilson, Hna Skulls, etc.). God totally answers prayers, and I know He does, because He answered mine. He continually answers my prayers, and He's continually helping me and guiding me, even though I'm super stubborn and . . . well, human. Haha. Anyway, the day went great and Hna Casteneda and I enjoyed our time in divisions. We taught some awesome lessons, pulled pranks on the members, saying that we had transfers and that I was the new hna, and I enjoyed my time with her. But when I saw Hna Ortega and I saw our area, I was so relieved to be back. I love our area. I love my companion. :) 

On Saturday (15th July 2017) I woke up feeling SO GOOD. So rested, so happy, just chipper. Our studies went great, we had awesome food with the ward clerk (he's so funny XD). We did a lot of contacting, not much teaching, because people weren't around or able to listen to us. It rained and it was so "cold" and I just adored it. I'd been absolutely in love with the mission the past two days, which was a great answer to prayer. I love my mission with all my heart. ;) We ended the day with correlation with Hno Frank. Oh heck. "Hna Húber, dijo algo." "Algo." "-_-" . . . "Hno Frank, tengo cambios." "¡¿Qué!? . . . ¿Por qué usted?, Hna Húber, ¿por qué? Deme su Facebook" XD Haha, poor kid. I told him later that I was kidding ;) But we did get a call that night . . . we're going to be in a trio! Hna Pérez! WOOHOO! And Hna Ortega is the sister training leader --cue Élder Gramajo laugh: "hahahahahahaha" XD 

On Sunday (16th July 2017) we went to church and then helped out with a service project with one of our wards. It was so funny because . . . pues, Hno Roberto XD "Hna Húber, are you strong?" "Obviously, Hno." "Wonder Woman ;D." Haha, and then literally ten minutes later, I walked up to him with my broken rake from raking up all the cut grass and whatnot. As I walked up to him, he made eye contact, looked at the two pieces of rake in my hands, and he just started laughing so hard. XD "Wonder Woman!!" and then, he said something annoying, so I held up the two pieces and said, "Careful, hno. You're next." XD and then, when we finished, he was sharpening his machette, and as I walked by, he had that look in his eye, so I made a stance of, "Come at me, bro. Luchéme (Hna Wilson, apparently, that's not a word XD)." Hno Roberto, "Oh, oh, OH!" XD He's so funny. 

Okay, guys, this week was a growing pain week, but it was so good. I know that God loves each and every one of His children with all of His heart, and He wants us to be happy. I know that His hand is in each and every moment of our lives, whether we accept Him or not, and I know that He loves you. I know that Jesus Christ really suffered every single pain and affliction and sickness and trouble and tear and heartbreak. I know that He understands us completely and perfectly, so that He can help us and carry us and succor us in our pains. I know that the Atonement is real, and that it's not just for big sins. It's for every time we don't follow the Spirit. It's for every bad thought that enters our mind. It's for every missed opportunity to preach and help others. It's for every papercut. It's for every deep wound. It's to heal us. I was healed this week, because I know God loves me. I was supported this week, because Jesus Christ suffered for me. I was carried this week when I didn't think I could do a thing. I was given peace and tranquility with the new opportunities that have been placed in my path. I was given positivity when Satan tried to bring me down. I was blessed with a healthy body and the ability to work because God loves and blesses me every day. I know with every particle of my being that God loves me, even when I don't deserve. Especially when I don't deserve it. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer, that He's my Brother and Best Friend. I know that testimony is important, and that it's what changes people's lives. I know that this work is hard. Gosh, it is so hard. But it's the most rewarding and blessful thing. I'm grateful every day, even during the really tought ones, that I didn't go home when I had the chance. I'm grateful that I didn't wait to come here. I'm grateful that I didn't decide to not serve a mission, because I know that the growing pain here is nothing worth the pain I would be feeling if I were home right now, knowing that I wasn't serving my mission. Life is good. Life is blessful. The mission is the best and the hardest thing, and it's daddy-daughter time with Heavenly Father. Thank you for all of your support and love, and know that I love and pray for all of you every day. Know that God is real. And know that He lives. And know that His restored gospel is here on the earth. And know that families can be together forever through His wonderful gospel. And know that . . . everything has a reason. We can't see it or know why things happen, but it's all in God's hands. And I wouldn't want anyone else in charge of my life. :) 
I love you all, and I'm sorry that this is the only letter I'll be sending out today. Transfers means less time. :) Photos next week, I promise! 

Hermana Húber :)
Misión México Villahermosa
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