Monday, March 13, 2017

Semana Seis

Hola everyone! Wow has it been a week.

On p-day (9th March 2017) a few days ago, everyone seemed to be feeling similar feelings about heading out into the field. Excited yet really nervous. Some were feeling anxiety, others were perfectly fine. I tried not to think much about it until it came. I would have bouts of excitement as well as anxiety over the whole thought of going out. I was afraid of feeling everything I felt when I arrived at the CCM again, and I was worried about leaving such a wonderful companion. It felt like I would be leaving home all over again, and I wasnt sure I could go through that. 

On Friday (10th March 2017), we just had a bunch of in-field orientation meetings and I was an hangry little monster until after lunch. I didnt realize that our lunch got pushed back an hour, so when there were still meetings going on, I was very unpleasant. So, my companion and I went to lunch and I took a nap, and the rest of the day went better from there. Haha! 

On Saturday (11th March 2017) it was our last day of classes. We had TRC, and although we got corrected a lot over our Spanish, it felt good for someone to point out the mistakes so I could do better. I felt like they babied us a bit in the CCM, so to have real people help me was really nice. Presedente Bennett told me that he called my mission president and told him to expect a wonderful sister missionary, which totally warmed my heart and made me cry, especially where I felt like I couldnt measure up to that. He is such a special man of God.

On Sunday (12th March 2017) we had our last sunday meetings with our district and our hermanas. At the district meeting, we were able to get a lot of feelings out through a roast-slash-build-up session. We also had our last interviews and activities. It didnt really hit me hard until this morning that I was gone and that I was saying goodbye to everyone.

Today (13th March 2017) I got up at 1:30 am to get to the designated area for my bus at 2:00 am and finally leave for the airport at 2:30 am. It was hard saying goodbye to Hermana Kurene, especially where I was afraid of the companion I would receive in the field. I cried saying goodbye, had anxiety the entire time through waiting and being on the flight, and have yet to really feel that great today. 

When we hit the atmosphere of Villahermosa (hot and humid) my heart was filled with the feeling that this was home. This is where Im supposed to be, and Id have bursts of peace and happiness, but today has been really rough. Little sleep, a lot of frustration towards not knowing the language, and missing being comfortable. But because of my experience in the CCM, as well as the wonderful companion that I have here (God answers prayers; I prayed for a companion who could understand and help me, and she prayed to train an American) I know that Ill get through this somehow.

Elder Cottrell and Elder Peterson, as well as the Latinos in our travel group watched me like a hawk; it was so funny. Elder Peterson and another Elder kept taking my bags, Id catch Elder Cottrell trying to keep track of me . . . I felt very loved and taken care of; yet another blessing from Heavenly Father. Another blessing was having them as my airplane buddies. We mostly snoozed and enjoyed the views, but it was really good for me to be around people I was familiar with. 

It was amazing to be welcomed by such an enthusiastic and loving mission president, and his wife is the cutest. We rode with them to the stake building, and I had an interview with him. We emailed home, got situated, and Hermana Haws drove my companion, Hermana Wilson, and I to our house. Thats when I really started to break down because it is SO different here, and I dont know why it hit me so hard, but it did. But I know things will turn up; it took me three weeks to really feel comfortable at the CCM and to adjust, and I know itll be the same here; its just the waiting part that is unfortunate (you know me and my patience or lack there of). 

But Ive been incredibly blessed today, and I know that things will turn up. And I know that God is aware of me, just the way He is of every one of you through your trials and good times. As hard as it is right now, and will probably continue to be, I cant come home. I have work to do and people to help and a promise to keep with God. Wish me luck in the rest of this crazy adventure; Im most certainly going to need it. 

Funny Story Time

There is very little because of my lack of ability to journal this week.

- Elder Reed tried to "make a move" on Elder Reynolds, and in the process of his move, he totally hit Elder Reynolds over the head. 

- Service war with Elder Cottrell XD

I will have to send photos another time. My time is nearly up. But I love you all and miss you dearly. :)

Hermana Huber :)

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