Monday, March 27, 2017

Semana Ocho

Hola familia y amigos! Yet another p-day! :) This one was much looked forward to! 

So, on p-day (20th March 2017) after writing you all (sorry if I didn't get to you or respond. We were running REALLY late that day), we went shopping and then went home to prepare for the Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with our neighbors. We played volleyball with the little kids while we waited for the member to come and teach the lesson, and it was nice to bond with them, especially for me since I don't have the luxury of bonding with the language yet. 

On Tuesday (21st March 2017) the morning went a little rough. I was getting frustrated and Hna Wilson decided to speak only Spanish to me and I found myself comparing in the district class that was being held that day. And it was SO dumb. I couldn't compare myself to anyone there! The native speakers were OBVIOUSLY going to speak Spanish, and the gringos had been there way longer than I had been. It didn't make sense for me to compare at all. It's funny looking back, actually. And I realized what was causing me a lot of frustration, and after realizing the real source and having a 2-3 minute time period to myself to cry, I felt tons better. We walked more than we've ever walked and almost all of our appointments fell through, but we were able to keep ourselves entertained. We chatted about stories and had girl talks as we walked. It was a great time to bond as a companionship. 

On Wednesday (22nd March 2017) I had a really swell day. Language study was a lot of fun, and I felt like I learned a lot more. And I have found that when I really try to listen, I can understand a lot more than I'd thought. We were at our lunch appointment, and Hna Wilson turned to translate for me, and I guess I surprised her by telling HER what was said. She just stopped, stared at me for a minute, and then said, "Uh, yep. Yeah. Good job!" Haha! We had a great investigator who totally took notes and listened intently as we taught. Good day. :) 

On Thursday (23rd March 2017) it was another great day. Our studies and weekly planning went fantastic, we've really grown as a companionship, and all we have to say is good things during companionship inventory. If there are any corrections, we just say it in the moment, and we always agree. Super sweet! Okay, the first lesson this day had me completely fried. I. Was. SO. MAD. So, we walk in, and they are super kind and nice, and I'm like, "Oh yeah. I like them." I still do, but when I started the lesson as a part of my training, the kid stops me in the middle of it and asks me, IN ENGLISH, "So, where are you from?" Uh . . . excuse you! I was talking, small child! --Totally threw me off and my guard instantly went up, because the way he said it . . . oooo, I'm still so mad. So I responded and that led to a different conversation rather than the lesson. And the entire time, he kept talking to me in English. Looking back, it wasn't a bad thing. But I felt belittled (he made me feel how an elder in the CCM made me feel), which is how I feel when anyone here speaks English to me. Like, LET ME STRUGGLE. SPEAK SPANISH. Ugh, that is a rant for another day. Anywho, afterwards, Hna Wilson said, "I think he likes you." And I just went off. I was so mad. So she took me to get one of the most wonderful things I have ever eaten in my life. Chamoyada. Oh. My. Heck. It totally took all of my anger away. And it made our next lesson so good! I felt like I was actually useful and contributed as much as I could. We ended the night by reading the Book of Mormon, talking, and enjoying some quality companionship time. 

On Friday (24th March 2017) went great. Appointments fell through, which is kind of the norm. We talked and grew more as a companionship, but as we did, I couldn't help but feel like our time was being wasted. No, scratch that. The Lord's time was being wasted. I felt like we weren't using it as wisely as we could, and I felt like God was disappointed in us . . . me actually. Oh, and Lady Gata brought us a kitten! Woot woot!

On Saturday (25th March 2017) I had still felt this way, and Hna Wilson decided to speak only Spanish to me again. So, I prayed to know what God wanted me to know as I studied during personal study, and I was reminded of what my mission purpose is. To invite others to come unto Christ by receiving the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. (Invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo al ayudarlas a que reciben el Evangelio restaurado mediante la fe en Jesucristo, el arrepentimiento, el bautismo, la recepción del don del Espíritu Santo, y el perseverar hasta el fin.) I hadn't been focusing on that; I'd been focusing on talking about less important things with my companion. I knew that I could improve in the best capacity that I could. I may not know everything or really anything at this point, but all God asks is for me to improve where I am currently able to do so. We had English class today, and I loved it so much. I just love teaching the people English, and they, in turn, teach me Spanish! And it's so funny, because I realize how weird of a language English is, and I totally question the words I write in English. ("Want . . . is that even a word in English? It's spelled so weird!). We also went to a baptism for the other sisters, and we sang a beautiful song and really just enjoyed the Spirit of the baptism. She's the cutest thing. And, as I've said before, the atmosphere here is different. I don't feel anxious or anything when I do something like sing or play the piano the way I did in the states. It's so nice here. OH! And today, three new kittens showed up! 

On Sunday (26th March 2017) I was so excited for p-day. And while we sat and listened to the sacrament talks, I just had this surge of desire to learn the language hit me. It was so weird, and I'd been praying for the desire to learn for quite some time, so when it hit me, it really surprised me! We had a corrilation (oh my spelling has gone down hill so fast) and I guess the ward mission leader had a talk with Hna Wilson. He told her what we'd both been subconsciously thinking. She isn't allowing me to progress. She is talking too much Spanish to me. I'm not progressing in the language as quickly as we both know I could. This mostly happened because she wanted me to be comfortable enough to stay, and it was a wonderful blessing for my first week or two, but I'd felt too comfortable, and I knew that needed to change, whether I liked it or not. So, we decided to revise our language plan, and it will hopefully go the way we'd like for it to. The rest of the day went well. We picked berries and ate them on the way to lunch (I was so hangry after church), and we contacted and taught. A pretty swell day!

Today (27th March 2017) is p-day! We went shopping because I was so sick of my clothes, which is weird because I normally don't care. Anywho, we went shopping, ate at an Italian restaurant, and actually looked at our emails on some iPads at the store. That was so fun, and I just died the entire time, BECAUSE KENDRA GOT HER MISSION CALL AND I DIED AND I HAVEN'T STOPPED DYING TO MY COMPANION SINCE. AAAAAAAAH! 

Anywho, talk to you all next week! :) <3

Funny Story Time!

- Okay, so after we went shopping on p-day, we got on the comvi (okay, side rant. These comvis are basically tiny vans stuffed with people. There are options to sit and stand, and if it's really packed . . . you really learn to think skinny thoughts.) and this couple just starts making out right next to me. I looked at my companion like, "Do you see this? DO YOU SEE THIS?" She just smiled and laughed while I suffered through one of the most awkward situations yet on my mission.

- I was standing in front of a member's house while Hna Wilson was chatting with her, and my feet were on FIRE. So I took my shoes off to let them cool off and the lady takes a double-take at my feet and exclaims, "Oh my word! I thought you had FOUR FEET!" XD No . . . but that would make walking a lot nicer.

- Okay, so Hna Wilson has this gasp that she uses to indicate that there is a bug in close proximity to her. So, when we got home on p-day, I heard this specific gasp and ran out, and there were maggots all over the trashcan! "MAGGOTS!!!!!" So, we filled it up with water and walked outside of our house to drain it, but it was so heavy! We looked SO weird, and our neighbors just stared at us as we freaked out about having maggots in the house. 

- Hna Sanchez left me a balloon and a note that really just made my day. :) 

- My skin was peeling, and I'd voiced this to my companion. "Are you a lepar?" "Yep. This is it. I'm dying."

- We were walking down from an member's house, and the electrical lines . . . power lines? (what do you call them in English!? AH!) were RIGHT NEXT TO MY HEAD. I ALMOST DIED. I told my companion about it (as it turns out, she almost did too the next time we visited them) and I said, "Whelp, that's one way to go home." 

- The best meal I have had here is the quesodillas. And the family had baby chickens! I just died and watched them the entire time. By the way, we have a whole farm of chickens by our house, and I chase them whenever we walk that way. Hna Wilson thinks I'm obsessed. 

- During lessons or contacts, I somehow am able to make SO MUCH NOISE. I drop cups or make noises with objects while I try to open them or put them away. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't every time my companion is talking. XD

- I gave Hna Sanchez some socks, since she didn't have any and I had plenty, and every time she wears them (they have Huber marked on the soles) she always gives me a foot-five to show me she's wearing them. 

- Hna Perez put on my hat that Hna Wilson had given me, and I guess I laughed so sarcastically that she couldn't stop laughing for a good 5 minutes. 

- I was laying on my bed in the dark because it was almost time to go to bed, and Hna Sanchez went to give me a hug good night and ended up hugging my pillow, thinking it was me! I laughed so hard!

- Hna Sanchez went to give me a hug while I was laying on my bed again (and, yes, she actually hugged ME this time) and then she started to tickle me! So I screamed, "Ayudame, Hna Wilson!" So Hna Wilson grabbed her cup of water and wipped the water ALL OVER HNA SANCHEZ (which in turn got all over me and my bed)! XD and then she went over to tickle Hna Sanchez, and she didn't even have to touch her! She just started dying! Haha! 

- During language study, Hna Wilson kept getting confused on what tense we were studying, and I was trying to write it on a flashcard, and when she kept changing the title, after I had WRITTEN IN PEN, I just ripped the card in half in mock frustration, and we just laughed so hard!

- I have tanline wrinkles. Like, the folds in my fingers are pure white while the rest of my finger is tan! XD And my feet have the weirdest tanline. It starts about a half inch from my pinky toe and then slants down. XD

- So, we've had a running joke about who's really the senior companion in our companionship. 
EX A: We were on the comvi, and Hna Wilson wasn't paying attention, so I was like, "Isn't this where we get off?" And she was like, "Oh! Yep! Yeah!" Haha! 
EX B: I gave some brilliant idea. "That's smart, Senior Companion." 
EX C: "So, how did your companion die?" "Well, she just kept going (crossing the street), and I figured, since she's the senior companion, she knew what she was doing. I was wrong." 
EX D: "After this car, let's cross." *two more cars pass at a very high velocity* "Uh . . . just kidding." --Hna Wilson "If you wanted a knew companion, you could've just said so." --Me 

- One of the most flattering yet horrible compliments I have received thus far in the mission. "I hope you kill me." -Hna Wilson XD as in, I finish her mission with her.

- Hna Wilson's English is bad too. "It gave me a kick!" Translation: "I got a kick out of it." And my English has gone downhill too. I wrote it down so I could write it in my email, and in my tired and weird state, I wrote, "It gave me a cake." XD

- We went for a walk in the morning, and we had to hide from this tiny dog because it kept biting our heels.

- We changed behind a boat because we couldn't get in the church building. It's the most scandalous thing I've done so far on my mission.

- At the baptism, Pres. Haws walked by and I jumped in front of him to stop him (just being a pain as usual) and it totally threw him off. Like, he stood there so surprised and then he just burst out laughing! Haha! XD "Out of all the things I thought you would do, that most certainly wasn't one of them!" 

- This melted my heart. "How is the other sister? I don't remember her name--" A member talking to Hna Wilson on the phone. "Huber! Hna Huber!" The small children scream in the background! AWE! 

- Hna Sanchez realized at lunch that she'd been drinking out of the wrong cup and was so horrified! Now at lunch, we make sure to tell her which one is hers! XD

- Hna Wilson forgot to pay the electrical bill, and we were laughing so hard about it and then I asked, "Wait . . . that means no air conditioning?" "Nope!" "It's not funny anymore." And we laughed even harder. 

- There have been so many whistles or catcalls or terms of endearment used here. I never know how to handle it, but I'm always ready to fight if something goes down. Bleck. 

- I picked up $.50 peso on the ground, and that is the first and probably the last I will see one on the ground. It's so common in the US, but here, NOPE! You do not drop and leave your money.

- We were walking, and this little girl was walking towards us and nearly ran into me. When she realized I was there, she looked so offended, like I was the one not looking where I was going. "I'm just so white I blend in, I guess!"

- We were trying to contact a house, and this dog went crazy and barked at us. We heard, "Shut up!" and thought it was someone at the house. As it turns out, it was a bird, and I laughed so hard as it kept telling the dog to be quiet! XD

- There was a cup with "Merry Christmas" on it, and I said the phrase in Spanish, and Hna Wilson started singing, "Celebrate good times, come on!" And we laughed so hard, because she honestly thought it was a Christmas song, when it's actually an oldies song! XD 

Hermana Huber :)

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