Thursday, March 9, 2017

Semana Cinco!

Hola familia y amigos!

On p-day last week (2 March 2017), after emailing
we played volleyball and just had a great time. My anxiety from the morning died down after a bit, so I was better able to enjoy the day and get some stuff done before we got thrown into more classes. When we walked back to our house afterwards, we got heart-attacked! It was the sweetest thing and I just died. People are so inspired, and I appreciate them so much. Ah, loves. 

On Friday (3 March 2017) we had a lesson with both of our investigators. One agreed to go to church with us and the other agreed to be baptized! I was so dang surprised and excited that I forgot the rest of the lesson and the closing prayer! XD I woke up with anxiety again, but as the day continued, it died down. I've found that one of the elders in my zone is a huge cause of it, but I enjoyed his company too much to really do anything about it; well, not to mention that he gave me a Bueno Bar ;) . We got invited to an icecream party as a zone, mainly because a district has had a really hard time and we wanted to cheer them up. We also had our first earthquake drill today. As we walked out, Elder Burton started to sing, "I feel the earth move under my feet . . ." and then Elder Cottrell started to act like there was an earthquake and totally freaked me out. I was like, "Oh my heck!? ARE YOU OKAY!?" He laughed so hard.

On Saturday (4 March 2017) Elder Peterson and Elder Cottrell as well as Elder Burton and Elder Smith had to teach 5 lessons today. They were not too impressed with that, but I didn't mind ;) We started our fast at lunch this day and the power of fasting is so real. I was fasting for peace in my life and in my body, because I'd woken up with anxiety again. I recognized a little something in my life called patience, and I've had a lot more of that in my life, especially with the language. My anxiety has been caused by a lot of factors, but primarily an elder. I'd find peace in the work and anxiety with him. I know that my work here and now is more important than any elder here. I know that I'm where I'm meant to be (and at last I see that light!!! Haha, that's for you Kendra ;) ) Today was the first of many goodbyes. Our night teacher left for a new job, and now we have a new teacher. I'm just grateful I have to endure for only a few more days. She's fine; she just isn't Hermana Percino. :'(

On Sunday (5 March 2017), I woke up with anxiety again, but it was totally buffered by the power of God and my fast. Before sacrament meeting, I just couldn't take it any more and decided to talk to my branch president. I didn't necessarily want my anxiety taken away, because I knew the experience would grow me as a person, but I wanted peace and for God to talk to me through an ordained priesthood holder, so I could really hear what He had to say. After sacrament meeting, he gave me such a wonderful blessing, and his counselors gave me a blessing of health with consecrated oil. It was my first, and it was the best. It was a wonderful Sunday, and it gave me a clear head and guidance as to what I needed to do the next day. I also taught Elder Cottrell again today, and he said, "You did great, as usual." XD he's too kind. I also only had to play once, because things go mixed up. Thank the heavens, because I did NOT want to play the piano. 

Monday (6 March 2017), I watched God work another miracle in my life. I prayed for the opportunity to talk to that specific elder that morning, so that I could just get it over with and enjoy the rest of my day. And lo and behold, the elder popped up and God filled my mouth with the words necessary and softened the elder's heart. He walked up to where we were to get some juice, and I just said, "Elder, I think you're a great missionary, and it's awesome that you are out here, but when we talk, there's a spirit that I don't appreciate, and I've gotten a lot of anxiety from the things you do and say to me, so I think it would be best if we just left each other alone." I got a fist bump and we've yet to talk yet. My faith in God just skyrocketed. It was amazing. We also got a temporary roommate, and that was . . . -.-

On Tuesday (7 March 2017) the hermana who was tagging along with us for just the day and I didn't exactly get along. Her personality definitely did not match mine. But other than that, the day went well. The elder left me completely alone, my anxiety dropped drastically, and it was only a day until it would just be me and Hermana Kurene again. I taught Elder Cottrell again, and he threw a total curveball at me. I knew that once I asked, "So what questions do you have about the Gospel?" I'd regret it. As soon as those words left my mouth, I mentally slapped myself. Anyway, I taught him and he surprised me by saying how well it went. I said, "Haha, thanks for your kind words." and he said, "They aren't kind; they're true." Such a confidence boost! <3 

On Wednesday (8 March 2017) I woke up to my companion yelling to the hermana who was leaving that morning at 2:45 in the morning. But, the day went really well. Another goodbye occurred today. Our morning teacher (Hermana Lozano) went on vacation, and she wasn't going to be back until after we were gone, so we said our goodbyes and took a bunch of pictures. We taught, and I taught Elder Cottrell, and it was so spastic and he still told me it went well. Bless his heart. I've come to see such amazing potential in my elders; they're all going to do great in their respective missions. :) 

Today! P-day! (9 March 2017) I'd never been so excited for a p-day in my life. We cleaned the house, packed our stuff, and played volleyball with our hermanas. I have a brace now because I get too intense in volleyball . . . but all is well. It's so funny, because the doctor who gave me the brace is SO obsessed with shots, especially now because there's been an intenstinal infection going around. I promised that if he came anywhere near me with a shot, I wouldn't be held responsible for what happened. 

Oh! And it's randomly flash-flood rained here, and I go out and dance in it every time, because I've missed the rain SO much. Anyway, time to head out, but I love you all and next week, you'll be hearing from me from Villahermosa! Woot woot! :D <3

Funny Story Time!! :D (my personal favorite part of my emails)

- Elder Gissel was trying to tell me some dark humor (never, ever listen to Elder Gissel tell a joke), and totally forgetting that there were a bunch of Latinos around me, I covered my ears and started yelling, "No intiendo Ingles! No intiendo Ingles!" XD

- I was trying to say my prayer and bless my food, and every single time I would start, either Elder Smith or Elder Cottrell would make a gagging sound at just the right time because the cheese in a burrito looked really gross. I told them this, and then they did it on purpose! XD 

- I was singing an Adele song, and Elder Gissel told me that he was going to report me to my district leader (Elder Smith), so I told him to do it and see what happened. Apparently he did, and Elder Smith just shrugged and said, "Dude, we ALL sing Adele." XD BOOYAH!

- I was bending down for something and totally conked my head on my closet. Right after I threw my water bottle up in the air and missed it, so it hit me in the eye. XD

- Elder Smith and I conked heads when we both reached down to pick up his ring. It didn't hurt, because that kid has SOFT hair! 

- Hermana Cook "Go to the thrid palm tree on the left, dig 10ft down, knock on the golden door, the password is ayudame . . ." Talking about the Black Market at the CCM. Elder Smith "Is there Dr. Pepper?" Hermana Cook "This is a fictional scenario; it has whatever you want." XD 

- Elder Cottrell was playing an investigator and apparently he had said, "My daughter is pregnant." but I'd heard, "My daughter is separated." and so I asked why. His expression was the most priceless thing I will never be able to unsee! 

- Elder Givens was teaching me about the Creation and about Adam and Eve, and I decided that I wanted to throw a question at him. It was so poorly timed. "Through the Fall, we can have kids." "How?" "Uh . . . crea pecino hombres?" XD 

- "I knew who loved me . . . (between two teachers who told him when he sucked) . . . (the one who told him poorly) He was a turd--eh, Lamanite?" XD during a leadership meeting. 

- Volleyball Experiences: 

Elder Gissel took my ball and missed it, and totally just fell at my feet from whatever impact it was, and I totally had to redeem him from his poor attempt at a play. My first roasting of the Gissel

The ball is always mine, and the elders get in the way, so I literally just crash into them all the time because they like to hog the ball. (yeah, at the ccm, no contact sports XD )

"Yeah, I could imagine why you'd be scared of Elder Reed coming at you. Just this tall, huge, red thing running at you . . . " Hermana Klundt XD 

So the ball came at me, and the only ligament that could get it was my foot. I karate kicked it so hard that Elder Reynolds was even scared! He actually punched the ball once so hard and he's legendary for it. I also used my head multiple times and it actually worked! Take that, Elders! ;D 

Hermana Kurene, "I wet my shoe!" XD XD Elder Smith and I still can't get over that. 

"Buenos dias!" Hermana Kurene, in the dead of night, to Latinos, said very confidently. XD

A loud truck noise. "Mexico City just farted! Did you hear that!?" Hermana Addington. I hit the floor so hard laughing. I was literally laying in the grass crying. 

Hermana Huber :)

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