Monday, March 27, 2017

Semana Ocho

Hola familia y amigos! Yet another p-day! :) This one was much looked forward to! 

So, on p-day (20th March 2017) after writing you all (sorry if I didn't get to you or respond. We were running REALLY late that day), we went shopping and then went home to prepare for the Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with our neighbors. We played volleyball with the little kids while we waited for the member to come and teach the lesson, and it was nice to bond with them, especially for me since I don't have the luxury of bonding with the language yet. 

On Tuesday (21st March 2017) the morning went a little rough. I was getting frustrated and Hna Wilson decided to speak only Spanish to me and I found myself comparing in the district class that was being held that day. And it was SO dumb. I couldn't compare myself to anyone there! The native speakers were OBVIOUSLY going to speak Spanish, and the gringos had been there way longer than I had been. It didn't make sense for me to compare at all. It's funny looking back, actually. And I realized what was causing me a lot of frustration, and after realizing the real source and having a 2-3 minute time period to myself to cry, I felt tons better. We walked more than we've ever walked and almost all of our appointments fell through, but we were able to keep ourselves entertained. We chatted about stories and had girl talks as we walked. It was a great time to bond as a companionship. 

On Wednesday (22nd March 2017) I had a really swell day. Language study was a lot of fun, and I felt like I learned a lot more. And I have found that when I really try to listen, I can understand a lot more than I'd thought. We were at our lunch appointment, and Hna Wilson turned to translate for me, and I guess I surprised her by telling HER what was said. She just stopped, stared at me for a minute, and then said, "Uh, yep. Yeah. Good job!" Haha! We had a great investigator who totally took notes and listened intently as we taught. Good day. :) 

On Thursday (23rd March 2017) it was another great day. Our studies and weekly planning went fantastic, we've really grown as a companionship, and all we have to say is good things during companionship inventory. If there are any corrections, we just say it in the moment, and we always agree. Super sweet! Okay, the first lesson this day had me completely fried. I. Was. SO. MAD. So, we walk in, and they are super kind and nice, and I'm like, "Oh yeah. I like them." I still do, but when I started the lesson as a part of my training, the kid stops me in the middle of it and asks me, IN ENGLISH, "So, where are you from?" Uh . . . excuse you! I was talking, small child! --Totally threw me off and my guard instantly went up, because the way he said it . . . oooo, I'm still so mad. So I responded and that led to a different conversation rather than the lesson. And the entire time, he kept talking to me in English. Looking back, it wasn't a bad thing. But I felt belittled (he made me feel how an elder in the CCM made me feel), which is how I feel when anyone here speaks English to me. Like, LET ME STRUGGLE. SPEAK SPANISH. Ugh, that is a rant for another day. Anywho, afterwards, Hna Wilson said, "I think he likes you." And I just went off. I was so mad. So she took me to get one of the most wonderful things I have ever eaten in my life. Chamoyada. Oh. My. Heck. It totally took all of my anger away. And it made our next lesson so good! I felt like I was actually useful and contributed as much as I could. We ended the night by reading the Book of Mormon, talking, and enjoying some quality companionship time. 

On Friday (24th March 2017) went great. Appointments fell through, which is kind of the norm. We talked and grew more as a companionship, but as we did, I couldn't help but feel like our time was being wasted. No, scratch that. The Lord's time was being wasted. I felt like we weren't using it as wisely as we could, and I felt like God was disappointed in us . . . me actually. Oh, and Lady Gata brought us a kitten! Woot woot!

On Saturday (25th March 2017) I had still felt this way, and Hna Wilson decided to speak only Spanish to me again. So, I prayed to know what God wanted me to know as I studied during personal study, and I was reminded of what my mission purpose is. To invite others to come unto Christ by receiving the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. (Invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo al ayudarlas a que reciben el Evangelio restaurado mediante la fe en Jesucristo, el arrepentimiento, el bautismo, la recepción del don del Espíritu Santo, y el perseverar hasta el fin.) I hadn't been focusing on that; I'd been focusing on talking about less important things with my companion. I knew that I could improve in the best capacity that I could. I may not know everything or really anything at this point, but all God asks is for me to improve where I am currently able to do so. We had English class today, and I loved it so much. I just love teaching the people English, and they, in turn, teach me Spanish! And it's so funny, because I realize how weird of a language English is, and I totally question the words I write in English. ("Want . . . is that even a word in English? It's spelled so weird!). We also went to a baptism for the other sisters, and we sang a beautiful song and really just enjoyed the Spirit of the baptism. She's the cutest thing. And, as I've said before, the atmosphere here is different. I don't feel anxious or anything when I do something like sing or play the piano the way I did in the states. It's so nice here. OH! And today, three new kittens showed up! 

On Sunday (26th March 2017) I was so excited for p-day. And while we sat and listened to the sacrament talks, I just had this surge of desire to learn the language hit me. It was so weird, and I'd been praying for the desire to learn for quite some time, so when it hit me, it really surprised me! We had a corrilation (oh my spelling has gone down hill so fast) and I guess the ward mission leader had a talk with Hna Wilson. He told her what we'd both been subconsciously thinking. She isn't allowing me to progress. She is talking too much Spanish to me. I'm not progressing in the language as quickly as we both know I could. This mostly happened because she wanted me to be comfortable enough to stay, and it was a wonderful blessing for my first week or two, but I'd felt too comfortable, and I knew that needed to change, whether I liked it or not. So, we decided to revise our language plan, and it will hopefully go the way we'd like for it to. The rest of the day went well. We picked berries and ate them on the way to lunch (I was so hangry after church), and we contacted and taught. A pretty swell day!

Today (27th March 2017) is p-day! We went shopping because I was so sick of my clothes, which is weird because I normally don't care. Anywho, we went shopping, ate at an Italian restaurant, and actually looked at our emails on some iPads at the store. That was so fun, and I just died the entire time, BECAUSE KENDRA GOT HER MISSION CALL AND I DIED AND I HAVEN'T STOPPED DYING TO MY COMPANION SINCE. AAAAAAAAH! 

Anywho, talk to you all next week! :) <3

Funny Story Time!

- Okay, so after we went shopping on p-day, we got on the comvi (okay, side rant. These comvis are basically tiny vans stuffed with people. There are options to sit and stand, and if it's really packed . . . you really learn to think skinny thoughts.) and this couple just starts making out right next to me. I looked at my companion like, "Do you see this? DO YOU SEE THIS?" She just smiled and laughed while I suffered through one of the most awkward situations yet on my mission.

- I was standing in front of a member's house while Hna Wilson was chatting with her, and my feet were on FIRE. So I took my shoes off to let them cool off and the lady takes a double-take at my feet and exclaims, "Oh my word! I thought you had FOUR FEET!" XD No . . . but that would make walking a lot nicer.

- Okay, so Hna Wilson has this gasp that she uses to indicate that there is a bug in close proximity to her. So, when we got home on p-day, I heard this specific gasp and ran out, and there were maggots all over the trashcan! "MAGGOTS!!!!!" So, we filled it up with water and walked outside of our house to drain it, but it was so heavy! We looked SO weird, and our neighbors just stared at us as we freaked out about having maggots in the house. 

- Hna Sanchez left me a balloon and a note that really just made my day. :) 

- My skin was peeling, and I'd voiced this to my companion. "Are you a lepar?" "Yep. This is it. I'm dying."

- We were walking down from an member's house, and the electrical lines . . . power lines? (what do you call them in English!? AH!) were RIGHT NEXT TO MY HEAD. I ALMOST DIED. I told my companion about it (as it turns out, she almost did too the next time we visited them) and I said, "Whelp, that's one way to go home." 

- The best meal I have had here is the quesodillas. And the family had baby chickens! I just died and watched them the entire time. By the way, we have a whole farm of chickens by our house, and I chase them whenever we walk that way. Hna Wilson thinks I'm obsessed. 

- During lessons or contacts, I somehow am able to make SO MUCH NOISE. I drop cups or make noises with objects while I try to open them or put them away. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't every time my companion is talking. XD

- I gave Hna Sanchez some socks, since she didn't have any and I had plenty, and every time she wears them (they have Huber marked on the soles) she always gives me a foot-five to show me she's wearing them. 

- Hna Perez put on my hat that Hna Wilson had given me, and I guess I laughed so sarcastically that she couldn't stop laughing for a good 5 minutes. 

- I was laying on my bed in the dark because it was almost time to go to bed, and Hna Sanchez went to give me a hug good night and ended up hugging my pillow, thinking it was me! I laughed so hard!

- Hna Sanchez went to give me a hug while I was laying on my bed again (and, yes, she actually hugged ME this time) and then she started to tickle me! So I screamed, "Ayudame, Hna Wilson!" So Hna Wilson grabbed her cup of water and wipped the water ALL OVER HNA SANCHEZ (which in turn got all over me and my bed)! XD and then she went over to tickle Hna Sanchez, and she didn't even have to touch her! She just started dying! Haha! 

- During language study, Hna Wilson kept getting confused on what tense we were studying, and I was trying to write it on a flashcard, and when she kept changing the title, after I had WRITTEN IN PEN, I just ripped the card in half in mock frustration, and we just laughed so hard!

- I have tanline wrinkles. Like, the folds in my fingers are pure white while the rest of my finger is tan! XD And my feet have the weirdest tanline. It starts about a half inch from my pinky toe and then slants down. XD

- So, we've had a running joke about who's really the senior companion in our companionship. 
EX A: We were on the comvi, and Hna Wilson wasn't paying attention, so I was like, "Isn't this where we get off?" And she was like, "Oh! Yep! Yeah!" Haha! 
EX B: I gave some brilliant idea. "That's smart, Senior Companion." 
EX C: "So, how did your companion die?" "Well, she just kept going (crossing the street), and I figured, since she's the senior companion, she knew what she was doing. I was wrong." 
EX D: "After this car, let's cross." *two more cars pass at a very high velocity* "Uh . . . just kidding." --Hna Wilson "If you wanted a knew companion, you could've just said so." --Me 

- One of the most flattering yet horrible compliments I have received thus far in the mission. "I hope you kill me." -Hna Wilson XD as in, I finish her mission with her.

- Hna Wilson's English is bad too. "It gave me a kick!" Translation: "I got a kick out of it." And my English has gone downhill too. I wrote it down so I could write it in my email, and in my tired and weird state, I wrote, "It gave me a cake." XD

- We went for a walk in the morning, and we had to hide from this tiny dog because it kept biting our heels.

- We changed behind a boat because we couldn't get in the church building. It's the most scandalous thing I've done so far on my mission.

- At the baptism, Pres. Haws walked by and I jumped in front of him to stop him (just being a pain as usual) and it totally threw him off. Like, he stood there so surprised and then he just burst out laughing! Haha! XD "Out of all the things I thought you would do, that most certainly wasn't one of them!" 

- This melted my heart. "How is the other sister? I don't remember her name--" A member talking to Hna Wilson on the phone. "Huber! Hna Huber!" The small children scream in the background! AWE! 

- Hna Sanchez realized at lunch that she'd been drinking out of the wrong cup and was so horrified! Now at lunch, we make sure to tell her which one is hers! XD

- Hna Wilson forgot to pay the electrical bill, and we were laughing so hard about it and then I asked, "Wait . . . that means no air conditioning?" "Nope!" "It's not funny anymore." And we laughed even harder. 

- There have been so many whistles or catcalls or terms of endearment used here. I never know how to handle it, but I'm always ready to fight if something goes down. Bleck. 

- I picked up $.50 peso on the ground, and that is the first and probably the last I will see one on the ground. It's so common in the US, but here, NOPE! You do not drop and leave your money.

- We were walking, and this little girl was walking towards us and nearly ran into me. When she realized I was there, she looked so offended, like I was the one not looking where I was going. "I'm just so white I blend in, I guess!"

- We were trying to contact a house, and this dog went crazy and barked at us. We heard, "Shut up!" and thought it was someone at the house. As it turns out, it was a bird, and I laughed so hard as it kept telling the dog to be quiet! XD

- There was a cup with "Merry Christmas" on it, and I said the phrase in Spanish, and Hna Wilson started singing, "Celebrate good times, come on!" And we laughed so hard, because she honestly thought it was a Christmas song, when it's actually an oldies song! XD 

Hermana Huber :)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Semana Siete! :D

Hola everyone! This week has by far been the best week of my life! Thank the heavens, I am no longer in the CCM because this is what REAL life is all about! And I absolutely love and adore it! 

So, p-day last week (13th March 2017) was honestly a horrible day, and so were the next two or three days, but we'll get to that. ;) I was exhausted from the flight, I didn't get sufficient food because of my anxiety and not wanting to throw up on the plane, and I got thrown into a whole new culture that absolutely threw me for a loop! But my elders were amazing, my travel buddies were amazing, my mission president and wife are amazing, and my companion is amazing. :) I got to take a really long nap, we wrote home where I bawled my eyes out and a little girl just watched me sob awkwardly. My favorite parts of the day were when I was sleeping, because that meant I wasn't there. It wasn't real. And that was so nice. 

On Tuesday (14th March 2017) (OH! First three bugbites! But now I have like twenty, so whatevs.) I was allowed to sleep in, which was really nice. I was not feeling it that day. I honestly spent most of my energy yelling at God for doing this to me (later during personal study, I received a lot of revelation from God and realized that I needed to be kinder to Him). I was so frustrated and angry and I couldn't figure out why I was sent here when I was completely useless in the language, much less anything else. I'd forgotten that I am good at things; I was solely focusing on what I couldn't do (DON'T DO THAT!) I was projecting my insecurities on others again, like "I was in the Mexico MTC, I should know more Spanish than this," or "I've been on my mission for nearly two months, what the heck am I even good for if I can't speak after two months?" etc. etc. I literally wrote, "I feel like I should know Spanish. I feel useless and stupid. I don't entirely understand why I'm here or why I decided to serve a mission. Gosh, I don't even entirely know why I'm staying!" Haha, so dramatic.

On Wednesday (15th March 2017) I had a bit of an easier morning. Mornings were the hardest. I would wake up and wonder why the heck I was still here or why I couldn't just stay asleep forever. I literally would wake up and just think, "Ugh. Why am I still here!?" My companion had a meeting this day, so I was in a trio with the other two sisters who live in our house. It was interesting, because Hermana Perez speaks some English while Hermana Sanchez . . . not so much. But I'd gotten used to not talking very much since I got here. Today was an easier day, but when we picked up Hermana Wilson and I saw President Haws, I knew that I needed a blessing if I was even going to try and enjoy my mission. So, he sat me down and we chatted about a lot of things, and then he gave me a beautiful blessing that I cherish so much in my heart! The priesthood is real, and the power of God is SO real. After that amazing blessing, I really enjoyed the rest of my day. Spanish wasn't as daunting, and every time I felt my demons coming back, I'd claim my blessing and chase them away. I took it a moment at a time, not really thinking much into the future because that would just stress me out. I just allowed God to do what He needed to do with me, and I figured that if I'm in His hands, I'm okay. I also accepted the fact that I may never be fluent in Spanish, but if I have enough to accomplish what God needs me to accomplish here, I'll be happy. Needless to say, I'm going to work my butt off, but I'm done expecting so much out of myself that I can't function. 

On Thursday (16th March 2017) it was such a good day! Gah! The morning was still tougher for me, but it turned up after our zone class. I understood a lot more Spanish than I did the day before, so woohoo! Accomplishment! When Hermana Sanchez and Perez showed up at the class, my heart was so full of joy. I was so happy to see them, and I'm happy I was happy to see them. Gah, I love them. :) Afterwards, we planned our day and went straight to teaching. We tried (and failed) to count all of the red and white doors we knocked on, as well as all the dogs we saw (there are SO many dogs here). I met some wonderful investigators and members, and I tried icecream here for the first time! Very different but oh-so good! We also tried some pasteries this day, and the food here is so weird to me, but I have yet to have problems or hate it (Eric! Kate! I ate enchiladas! On purpose, too! XD ;) ) hermana Sanchez had tried to teach me Spanish this night, and although it was a little tough, I enjoyed it. But once I was done, I WAS DONE. Haha, but it was a really good day, a good rest. It was difficult at times, but I was gradually getting the hang of it and that's all that mattered. :) 

On Friday (17th March 2017) Hermana Perez made me breakfast tacos and I just died. They were SO GOOD! AH! She's like the mom of the house, and I really enjoy and appreciate her. She actually picked up on the fact that I wasn't feeling too great, even before I knew that I wasn't feeling too great! I was just studying my scriptures, she turned to me, and asked the question I hate the most (Kendra, you should know ;) ), "Are you okay?" And I just started to cry! Like, what the heck!? Haha, but I realized that I was allowing myself, even on the smallest degree, to get frustrated with the language again. She hugged me, said so many kind and needed things, and it was SO nice. Then we went to lunch, and as per usual, the family asked me to pray. But they wanted me to pray in English! Of course, being an English speaker, I was like, "Oh, I got this." but then I started my prayer and I couldn't figure out how! I was so used to Spanish! Gah! It was rough! XD But the food was SO good. I ate like two helpings, which was a lot for me by this time. The other sisters were just as surprised as I was! Anyway, my highlight of this day was at the Family Home Evening, where a woman (who I later found out wasn't even a member!) said that she admired me for my obedience and sacrifice (what the lesson was on). She admired that I left and sacrificed my home, my schooling, my friends, my language, my everything, just to be here. And I was amazed that without having to speak, she was taught. Examples are SO real! Gah, I loved it. And I understood more this day than the day before, which is all I'm working towards. :) 

On Saturday (18th March 2017) (first and most certainly not the last sunburn) I'd made a goal the night before to have a better morning, and by choosing to have a better morning and to be happy, as well as claiming the blessing I had received, it was such a wonderful morning! :D I actually woke up thinking, "Wow. I just love it here. I just love being here." The power of God and prayer and agency is so real! Anyway, this day was swell. I understood and spoke a lot more Spanish than I did the day before, and during our English Class (which, by the way, is such a blessing! This was something I wanted to do so bad but knew I'd have to wait until after my mission; but God answers prayers! YES!) the girls who came actually taught me Spanish! It was fun, and the stress wasn't there which was so nice. We also taught and contacted people today, and although I can't really speak or share my ideas, the scriptures can, so I've relied heavily on them to express what I currently cannot. I shared a scripture that perfectly fit with one of the people we taught, and my companion just couldn't quit gushing over it, which made me feel good. Also, another milestone for today was that I didn't look at pictures from home or cry or think much about home, which was so nice (as horrible as it is). It was nice just to enjoy and focus on what I was doing. :) 

On Sunday (19th March 2017) I played the piano in sacrament, which was so nice. Normally, in America, because we are a super judgemental culture, I'd have a hard time and stress about messing up. But here, they are so accepting and loving, I just felt like I could do anything and they would love me for it. It's so nice here. I've been told that I'm speaking and understanding more and better, and it's nice to hear it from an outside source. 

Today! (20th March 2017) I got up, cleaned and organized (that felt SO good). We played volleyball and football, ate sushi (SO GOOD! AH! MY LIFE!) and we're emailing and going to go shopping before having Family Home Evening with a cute family. Anyway, I'll talk to you next week! Love you all and know that God loves you! All is well and will continue to be well! <3 

Funny Story Time

- We were walking out of a new member's house, and this chicken just flew into my face! It was so funny and the weirdest thing I have ever felt on my face! "I got a face full of chicken!" Now, when we visit them, we always joke about me needing to stay away from the chickens. ;) Oh! And their little boy is the cutest thing and the devil. I love him. :) He reminds me of someone . . . 

- Hermana Sanchez, "You look HOT!" XD

- I had the phone in the bathroom because our light burned out (it's actually been three days and we have yet to change it XD) and then we got a call! I got so scared that I accidentally hung up on whoever was trying to call us! XD

- We were walking in the street, and I said, "Buenos tardes!" to a guy and he said, "Good afternoon!" It took me a minute to realize he spoke my language, and I was like, "Oh! Muy bien!" and he said, "Very good!" It was SO weird! XD 

- Hermana Wilson was telling me a story, and then she paused and said, "This is where you would say, 'Enserio!?'" and I was like, "Oh. 'Enserio!?'" "Yeah, there you go. Anyway, so I--" "Enserio!?" XD She was not amused, but I sure was! 

- We were walking in the street, and I'm used to people here staring or taking double takes because I am literally the only white person on the face of the earth here. But this guy! Haha! The way he looked at me, so surprised and eyes so wide that all I saw was white, made me and Hermana Wilson laugh for days! SO FUNNY! 

- Hermana Haws is the candy lady. Awe, candy . . .

- We had so much cake! Like 5 here! Because it's Hermana Perez's birthday. I wish it was her birthday every day, because the cake here is HEAVEN. 

- A drunk man came up and talked to me, and I just told him that I was sorry and didn't understand what he was saying, and then Hermana Wilson grabbed me by the arm and dragged me away. As it turns out, she had the same experience on the same day and time in her mission, and she cried. She told me that I was a tough cookie. All I could think was, "Well, I'd fight him if I had to." XD 

- I got the cactus that I talked about for years! His name is Fred, and if anyone tries to break into our house, I'll stab them with him. 

- I saw a crocodile! Don't worry, I didn't wrangle it, sit on it, and hold it's mouth shut like in Florida, parents. ;) We didn't have enough time. ;) 

- Hermana Wilson holds my hand when we cross the street. I have so many 'moms' here (but I only really love and accept mine ;) <3 Love you mom! I'm taken care of really well here!)

- We basically have pets without having pets. There are two dogs by our house that we pet and play with, and there's a cat named Lady Gata who sleeps on our porch and basically lives with us. It's nice, since I don't have my cat to enjoy right now. Heavenly Father truly loves and blesses me. 

- I was sitting in a comvi, squished between two men, and to make an umcomfortable situation (oh, I have so many here. On the daily!!!) my mind was like, "Well, this is the closest you're going to get to a hug from a man in a year in a half." XD oh my heck. 

*Disclaimer! Sorry if my past or future emails have a lot of typos. My mind is full of two languages, the keyboards here are weird, and quite frankly, I'm not entirely sure I care or that it matters at this point. ;)

P.S. Pictures are going to take a while; it's so slow loading them here, especially with limited time.

P.P.S. Sorry parents! The chat cut out for whatever reason. I love you and miss you and can't wait to see you here in 16 months! Much love and kisses and hugs! <3 :) Don't worry about me. I'm super fine, and I love it here! Couldn't imagine any better way to spend a year and a half! :) 
Hermana Huber :)

Libre de virus.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Semana Seis

Hola everyone! Wow has it been a week.

On p-day (9th March 2017) a few days ago, everyone seemed to be feeling similar feelings about heading out into the field. Excited yet really nervous. Some were feeling anxiety, others were perfectly fine. I tried not to think much about it until it came. I would have bouts of excitement as well as anxiety over the whole thought of going out. I was afraid of feeling everything I felt when I arrived at the CCM again, and I was worried about leaving such a wonderful companion. It felt like I would be leaving home all over again, and I wasnt sure I could go through that. 

On Friday (10th March 2017), we just had a bunch of in-field orientation meetings and I was an hangry little monster until after lunch. I didnt realize that our lunch got pushed back an hour, so when there were still meetings going on, I was very unpleasant. So, my companion and I went to lunch and I took a nap, and the rest of the day went better from there. Haha! 

On Saturday (11th March 2017) it was our last day of classes. We had TRC, and although we got corrected a lot over our Spanish, it felt good for someone to point out the mistakes so I could do better. I felt like they babied us a bit in the CCM, so to have real people help me was really nice. Presedente Bennett told me that he called my mission president and told him to expect a wonderful sister missionary, which totally warmed my heart and made me cry, especially where I felt like I couldnt measure up to that. He is such a special man of God.

On Sunday (12th March 2017) we had our last sunday meetings with our district and our hermanas. At the district meeting, we were able to get a lot of feelings out through a roast-slash-build-up session. We also had our last interviews and activities. It didnt really hit me hard until this morning that I was gone and that I was saying goodbye to everyone.

Today (13th March 2017) I got up at 1:30 am to get to the designated area for my bus at 2:00 am and finally leave for the airport at 2:30 am. It was hard saying goodbye to Hermana Kurene, especially where I was afraid of the companion I would receive in the field. I cried saying goodbye, had anxiety the entire time through waiting and being on the flight, and have yet to really feel that great today. 

When we hit the atmosphere of Villahermosa (hot and humid) my heart was filled with the feeling that this was home. This is where Im supposed to be, and Id have bursts of peace and happiness, but today has been really rough. Little sleep, a lot of frustration towards not knowing the language, and missing being comfortable. But because of my experience in the CCM, as well as the wonderful companion that I have here (God answers prayers; I prayed for a companion who could understand and help me, and she prayed to train an American) I know that Ill get through this somehow.

Elder Cottrell and Elder Peterson, as well as the Latinos in our travel group watched me like a hawk; it was so funny. Elder Peterson and another Elder kept taking my bags, Id catch Elder Cottrell trying to keep track of me . . . I felt very loved and taken care of; yet another blessing from Heavenly Father. Another blessing was having them as my airplane buddies. We mostly snoozed and enjoyed the views, but it was really good for me to be around people I was familiar with. 

It was amazing to be welcomed by such an enthusiastic and loving mission president, and his wife is the cutest. We rode with them to the stake building, and I had an interview with him. We emailed home, got situated, and Hermana Haws drove my companion, Hermana Wilson, and I to our house. Thats when I really started to break down because it is SO different here, and I dont know why it hit me so hard, but it did. But I know things will turn up; it took me three weeks to really feel comfortable at the CCM and to adjust, and I know itll be the same here; its just the waiting part that is unfortunate (you know me and my patience or lack there of). 

But Ive been incredibly blessed today, and I know that things will turn up. And I know that God is aware of me, just the way He is of every one of you through your trials and good times. As hard as it is right now, and will probably continue to be, I cant come home. I have work to do and people to help and a promise to keep with God. Wish me luck in the rest of this crazy adventure; Im most certainly going to need it. 

Funny Story Time

There is very little because of my lack of ability to journal this week.

- Elder Reed tried to "make a move" on Elder Reynolds, and in the process of his move, he totally hit Elder Reynolds over the head. 

- Service war with Elder Cottrell XD

I will have to send photos another time. My time is nearly up. But I love you all and miss you dearly. :)

Hermana Huber :)

Finally in my Mission! :D

Guys! I'm in Villahermosa! Got up at 1:30 am and arrived here . . . 8? Who knows. Anyway, today's also my p-day, so I'll write more later. I'm alive! :D And once we hit the atmosphere of Villahermosa, there was so much humidity and it felt AMAZING! Once we hit the runway, it felt like home. I love it here. Talk to you all later!

Hermana Huber :)

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Semana Cinco!

Hola familia y amigos!

On p-day last week (2 March 2017), after emailing
we played volleyball and just had a great time. My anxiety from the morning died down after a bit, so I was better able to enjoy the day and get some stuff done before we got thrown into more classes. When we walked back to our house afterwards, we got heart-attacked! It was the sweetest thing and I just died. People are so inspired, and I appreciate them so much. Ah, loves. 

On Friday (3 March 2017) we had a lesson with both of our investigators. One agreed to go to church with us and the other agreed to be baptized! I was so dang surprised and excited that I forgot the rest of the lesson and the closing prayer! XD I woke up with anxiety again, but as the day continued, it died down. I've found that one of the elders in my zone is a huge cause of it, but I enjoyed his company too much to really do anything about it; well, not to mention that he gave me a Bueno Bar ;) . We got invited to an icecream party as a zone, mainly because a district has had a really hard time and we wanted to cheer them up. We also had our first earthquake drill today. As we walked out, Elder Burton started to sing, "I feel the earth move under my feet . . ." and then Elder Cottrell started to act like there was an earthquake and totally freaked me out. I was like, "Oh my heck!? ARE YOU OKAY!?" He laughed so hard.

On Saturday (4 March 2017) Elder Peterson and Elder Cottrell as well as Elder Burton and Elder Smith had to teach 5 lessons today. They were not too impressed with that, but I didn't mind ;) We started our fast at lunch this day and the power of fasting is so real. I was fasting for peace in my life and in my body, because I'd woken up with anxiety again. I recognized a little something in my life called patience, and I've had a lot more of that in my life, especially with the language. My anxiety has been caused by a lot of factors, but primarily an elder. I'd find peace in the work and anxiety with him. I know that my work here and now is more important than any elder here. I know that I'm where I'm meant to be (and at last I see that light!!! Haha, that's for you Kendra ;) ) Today was the first of many goodbyes. Our night teacher left for a new job, and now we have a new teacher. I'm just grateful I have to endure for only a few more days. She's fine; she just isn't Hermana Percino. :'(

On Sunday (5 March 2017), I woke up with anxiety again, but it was totally buffered by the power of God and my fast. Before sacrament meeting, I just couldn't take it any more and decided to talk to my branch president. I didn't necessarily want my anxiety taken away, because I knew the experience would grow me as a person, but I wanted peace and for God to talk to me through an ordained priesthood holder, so I could really hear what He had to say. After sacrament meeting, he gave me such a wonderful blessing, and his counselors gave me a blessing of health with consecrated oil. It was my first, and it was the best. It was a wonderful Sunday, and it gave me a clear head and guidance as to what I needed to do the next day. I also taught Elder Cottrell again today, and he said, "You did great, as usual." XD he's too kind. I also only had to play once, because things go mixed up. Thank the heavens, because I did NOT want to play the piano. 

Monday (6 March 2017), I watched God work another miracle in my life. I prayed for the opportunity to talk to that specific elder that morning, so that I could just get it over with and enjoy the rest of my day. And lo and behold, the elder popped up and God filled my mouth with the words necessary and softened the elder's heart. He walked up to where we were to get some juice, and I just said, "Elder, I think you're a great missionary, and it's awesome that you are out here, but when we talk, there's a spirit that I don't appreciate, and I've gotten a lot of anxiety from the things you do and say to me, so I think it would be best if we just left each other alone." I got a fist bump and we've yet to talk yet. My faith in God just skyrocketed. It was amazing. We also got a temporary roommate, and that was . . . -.-

On Tuesday (7 March 2017) the hermana who was tagging along with us for just the day and I didn't exactly get along. Her personality definitely did not match mine. But other than that, the day went well. The elder left me completely alone, my anxiety dropped drastically, and it was only a day until it would just be me and Hermana Kurene again. I taught Elder Cottrell again, and he threw a total curveball at me. I knew that once I asked, "So what questions do you have about the Gospel?" I'd regret it. As soon as those words left my mouth, I mentally slapped myself. Anyway, I taught him and he surprised me by saying how well it went. I said, "Haha, thanks for your kind words." and he said, "They aren't kind; they're true." Such a confidence boost! <3 

On Wednesday (8 March 2017) I woke up to my companion yelling to the hermana who was leaving that morning at 2:45 in the morning. But, the day went really well. Another goodbye occurred today. Our morning teacher (Hermana Lozano) went on vacation, and she wasn't going to be back until after we were gone, so we said our goodbyes and took a bunch of pictures. We taught, and I taught Elder Cottrell, and it was so spastic and he still told me it went well. Bless his heart. I've come to see such amazing potential in my elders; they're all going to do great in their respective missions. :) 

Today! P-day! (9 March 2017) I'd never been so excited for a p-day in my life. We cleaned the house, packed our stuff, and played volleyball with our hermanas. I have a brace now because I get too intense in volleyball . . . but all is well. It's so funny, because the doctor who gave me the brace is SO obsessed with shots, especially now because there's been an intenstinal infection going around. I promised that if he came anywhere near me with a shot, I wouldn't be held responsible for what happened. 

Oh! And it's randomly flash-flood rained here, and I go out and dance in it every time, because I've missed the rain SO much. Anyway, time to head out, but I love you all and next week, you'll be hearing from me from Villahermosa! Woot woot! :D <3

Funny Story Time!! :D (my personal favorite part of my emails)

- Elder Gissel was trying to tell me some dark humor (never, ever listen to Elder Gissel tell a joke), and totally forgetting that there were a bunch of Latinos around me, I covered my ears and started yelling, "No intiendo Ingles! No intiendo Ingles!" XD

- I was trying to say my prayer and bless my food, and every single time I would start, either Elder Smith or Elder Cottrell would make a gagging sound at just the right time because the cheese in a burrito looked really gross. I told them this, and then they did it on purpose! XD 

- I was singing an Adele song, and Elder Gissel told me that he was going to report me to my district leader (Elder Smith), so I told him to do it and see what happened. Apparently he did, and Elder Smith just shrugged and said, "Dude, we ALL sing Adele." XD BOOYAH!

- I was bending down for something and totally conked my head on my closet. Right after I threw my water bottle up in the air and missed it, so it hit me in the eye. XD

- Elder Smith and I conked heads when we both reached down to pick up his ring. It didn't hurt, because that kid has SOFT hair! 

- Hermana Cook "Go to the thrid palm tree on the left, dig 10ft down, knock on the golden door, the password is ayudame . . ." Talking about the Black Market at the CCM. Elder Smith "Is there Dr. Pepper?" Hermana Cook "This is a fictional scenario; it has whatever you want." XD 

- Elder Cottrell was playing an investigator and apparently he had said, "My daughter is pregnant." but I'd heard, "My daughter is separated." and so I asked why. His expression was the most priceless thing I will never be able to unsee! 

- Elder Givens was teaching me about the Creation and about Adam and Eve, and I decided that I wanted to throw a question at him. It was so poorly timed. "Through the Fall, we can have kids." "How?" "Uh . . . crea pecino hombres?" XD 

- "I knew who loved me . . . (between two teachers who told him when he sucked) . . . (the one who told him poorly) He was a turd--eh, Lamanite?" XD during a leadership meeting. 

- Volleyball Experiences: 

Elder Gissel took my ball and missed it, and totally just fell at my feet from whatever impact it was, and I totally had to redeem him from his poor attempt at a play. My first roasting of the Gissel

The ball is always mine, and the elders get in the way, so I literally just crash into them all the time because they like to hog the ball. (yeah, at the ccm, no contact sports XD )

"Yeah, I could imagine why you'd be scared of Elder Reed coming at you. Just this tall, huge, red thing running at you . . . " Hermana Klundt XD 

So the ball came at me, and the only ligament that could get it was my foot. I karate kicked it so hard that Elder Reynolds was even scared! He actually punched the ball once so hard and he's legendary for it. I also used my head multiple times and it actually worked! Take that, Elders! ;D 

Hermana Kurene, "I wet my shoe!" XD XD Elder Smith and I still can't get over that. 

"Buenos dias!" Hermana Kurene, in the dead of night, to Latinos, said very confidently. XD

A loud truck noise. "Mexico City just farted! Did you hear that!?" Hermana Addington. I hit the floor so hard laughing. I was literally laying in the grass crying. 

Hermana Huber :)