Thursday, February 16, 2017

Semana Dos!! :D

Hola mi familia y amigos!! :D 

I absolutely loved hearing from you all. It makes my p-day everyday. I literally die every time it's time to go to the computer lab (TALL) and write you guys! It's basically the only time I'm ever excited to go to the computer lab (the rest of the time is language study and that gets to be . . . a bit old and overwhelming). 

I'd like to apologize in advanced if I don't get the time to respond each week. It's always crazy and random, so for once in my life, I have to fly by the seat of my pants and be okay with it. I'm rolling my eyes right now for those of you who couldn't hear the sarcasm in my text. ;)

GAH. This week. Let me tell you--

Thank you all for your well wishes and support during my traumatic . . . adjustment? I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and I'm lowkey worried about when I actually head out into the field and basically have to go through it all all over again. O.o but one moment at a time. Breathe!

So Thursday (9th Feb. 2017), after writing all of you, we had a lesson for our "investigator" that night, and she threw a total curve ball at us. We'd plan to teach her about life after death, but because she lost her job due to hearing our message, we had to completely chuck our notes out the window and go by the Spirit and what little Spanish we did know. And it was AMAZING. I've gotten past the point of really stressing about Spanish in lessons, because all that matters is that the investigator feels the Spirit and knows that our message is true BECAUSE OF THE SPIRIT. I'm not the teacher; I'm just the instrument in God's hands. That's been a rough lesson to keep in my head, because I've gotten SO impatient with my language skills (or lack thereof). Our investigator-gone-teacher told me afterwards that she feels an amazing spirit from me and that I'm an incredible woman. That I can accomplish my goals and do anything because of my faith in the Lord. That was a huge confidence boost, and I appreciate her so much. Gah. When I had confided in her about my frustration and lack of ability in Spanish, she shared a scripture with me, that I totally bawled over as I read it. It's Ether 12:27 "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness, I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." The Lord has most certainly shown me all of my weaknesses, and some that I didn't even realize I had, but I can feel Him strengthening me, especially when I stop trying to do things my way and just try to give my will over to Him. I've really felt like my two weeks here have been like a tug-of-war between the-natural-man-me and the-have-faith-in-God-me. It's quite tiring sometimes, and I just sit outside and mentally talk with myself. "Y'know, if you just gave it over to the Lord and quit trying to do things YOUR way, you would more than likely have an easier time." But, where's the fun in that? ;)

Friday (10th Feb. 2017) I definitely felt inadequate this day. I feel like that's probably every day, but I wrote it in my journal on this day, so it was probably a huge level of inadequacy. I've definitely learned that I really took my life for granted at home, and that I take everything the Lord has, is, and will give me. I've learned that I'm super proud to be an American and to know how to speak English. I'd never thought my heritage was that . . . great, but I've definitely come to realize that it is. 

Okay, okay. OKAY. I knew that once I talked about how awesome my elders were, they'd do something to screw it up. Friday and Saturday (11th Feb. 2017), they just got under my skin SO bad. We had a musical number that needed to be performed on Sunday, they told me and my companion last minute, and then they wouldn't really make the effort to practice. They didn't want to sacrifice their meal or gym time to practice, and I was getting SO mad. SO mad that Hermana Kurene and I had to go outside on multiple occasions in order for me to cool off. Erg. I definitely noticed the difference, because every time I'd try to study, I couldn't. The Spirit wasn't there because I was so frustrated. But, after much internal debating, I decided to just chill, pray for the Spirit and apologize for my not giving them the benefit of the doubt, and move on. I also came to the realization that I only have one option out here: to get it together. There's no way I'm coming home; it's not a possibility in my head anymore. Even though, quite frequently, I can't see myself moving forward, I definitely can't see myself going back. So, I may as well just get it together and move forward, because I don't have any other option.

Sunday (12th Feb 2017), we did our musical number and it went great. I played the piano and everyone else sang, and whether we were "good" or not, the Spirit was there. And that's all that matters. We had our District Meeting and I was able to voice my frustrations and apologize for the contention. It brought our district closer together to share with one another our thoughts, and it definitely started this week of pretty swell. In that meeting, they brought up an incident that had happened in their home about an elder being bullied. And I was even MORE dumbfounded when their solution was to just avoid the situation altogether. Like, WHAT? You DEFEND them! If you're not stopping it, then you are a part of it! I was so dumbfounded, and I instantly jumped in and suggested they defend the poor kid. I'm glad that they said they would, but geez! So, my goal was to befriend this elder and I'm so incredibly blessed that I did. His journey to coming out on a mission is incredible, and his desire to set the example of a worthy priesthood holder absolutely astounds me. My elders may not have anything good to say about him, but to me, he is incredible. His journey, his desire, his purpose . . . just wow. He's certainly mature in age and in his relationship with God. He's incredible. Anyway, we told Presidente Bennett as well as Hermana Burton (the mental health advisor; she told his branch president) and we've made it a goal to check in with this elder and let him know that he was people who do love and care about him. Coming out on a mission is hard enough without being bullied and tried unnecessarily. Gah. My blood is still burning from the news.

Monday (13th Feb. 2017) still gives me the creeps. I was paired up with one of my elders to do role playing, and when he tried to teach, I couldn't feel the Spirit. I had such a difficult time, because I knew he was trying super hard, but he was "playing it cool,"; not acting like a missionary. And I was told not to commit to pray unless I felt the Spirit. I felt bad having to explain to him why I refused, and I felt bad that he gives me . . . uncomfortable vibes, but I had to be honest. Or else he wouldn't grow. And neither would I. Anyway, I think--or at least I hope--my talking to him helped him. He seems to take things more seriously, but who knows? 

Tuesday (14th Feb. 2017) HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, EVERYONE! It was actually really nice not to be surrounded by a bunch of couples or a bunch of mooey gooey nonsense like what would happen in high school. I was so relieved. :) We taught a new "investigator" today, and I just absolutely LOVE her! Oh my gosh! She grew up Catholic, and she's used to repeating prayers and doing the . . . Trinity Cross (?) prayer? Sorry, Whitney, if I got that wrong, but I hope you all get what I mean. Haha! Anyway, we taught her the importance of having personal prayer with Heavenly Father, and that it is a commandment from God to pray. Just like our own parents, Heavenly Father wants to hear from us and know that we trust Him. Prayer has always had a near-and-dear place in my heart, and I was so happy to teach her. Afterwards, she prayed her first personal prayer, and my heart was so full. Gah! Today was yet another day of my elders and myself getting on my nerves, but that is life I suppose. We also welcomed the new missionaries today (that's our service project, which my the way, is BOMB! Better than cleaning bathrooms or the comedor!) THEY ARE THE CUTEST THINGS EVER! And helping them is so much fun. :) We also got a whole box of pizza from the comedor, because last week, we didn't have enough time to eat and then go to our devotional, so we thought it best to get some pizza beforehand. Pizza Tuesdays are the best. Also, my elders performed a blessing on our teacher, because she was feeling really, really sick. To sit there and witness the amazing power of the priesthood had me in tears. The Spirit was so strong, and I honestly am just in love with the priesthood. I've never felt it as real and as strong as I have here. Wow, it was amazing . . . 

Oh Wednesday (15th Feb. 2017). The day started off great. Hermana Kurene and I got up on time, got to everything on time. I felt like I was on top of the world. Then, I had a role-playing lesson with one of my elders and it all went down hill. We had to explain the Plan of Salvation in 3 MINUTES. So, I tried to, but then the elder would ask questions, and I'd have to answer those and blah, blah, blah. So, I obviously didn't get to teach the lesson in the short amount of time given. I didn't think much of it until he said, "You shouldn't use words you can't explain." (i.e. Atonement, priesthood, etc.) And I was already feeling inadequate about the language as it was and that just completely tore me a part. OOOO, I was so mad and frustrated and hurt and upset. So, I pulled him aside and told him that I did not appreciate his words towards me and that I was already struggling enough as it was without his condescending attitude. Needless to say, there's a level of awareness (I wouldn't go as far as to say respect) that I've felt from him since, and there haven't been any further words exchanged since. Ooo, it still burns me up just writing about it. 

Anyway, I have to say, Dad, you were right all those times in high school when you said that I need to learn how to study. Being here and trying to learn Spanish has been so difficult (in case you couldn't tell from all the times I've said that ;D ). I'm so used to just understanding a concept right off the bat. I've hardly ever needed to study, because I either knew it or I knew it enough that I could just wing it. I can't do that here, and it's definitely a hard lesson that I am still and probably will still learn for the rest of my mission. I've been praying and trying to get some form of study skills down, but it's a slow process, that requires patience, of which I do not have. 

Today (16th Feb. 2017) so far, we've gone to the temple again, and this time, I really enjoyed it. Last time was still good; I just couldn't do anything and the worker helping me didn't have the patience to help me, so she did everything for me. Luckily, this time, I got a sweet hermana who asked if I wanted to do my session in Spanish or English. I told her that I would love to do it in Spanish if she'd take it slow. It was a much better and much more enjoyable trip. Other than the fact that I accidentally elbowed an hermana in the head, but besides that, it went swell. ;)

Oh! One of our devotionals hit my heart so hard (it was Elder Holland, so of course it was good)! It talked about Peter, and how he was called as the senior apostle and needed to continue the Church after Christ died. He didn't know how to run the church or what to do, so he went back to what he was familiar with, what he knew best: fishing. So, when they go back and fish, and Christ appears to them again, and Peter swims to his Savior and Best Friend, and Christ asks him 3 times if Peter loves Him, he obviously felt inadequate and unable to accomplish the task he was called to. And Christ said for him to leave behind his fishing nets and become fishers of men. Elder Holland likened it unto us, and I really took it hard. I have to leave behind my old life forever. My mission doesn't consist of this 18 month time period here in Mexico. My mission is forever. My mission will affect my life forever. This is my new life, and as scary as that is for me and as totally caught off-guard as I am, I can't go back. I won't go back. And I want to be like Peter and leave my fishing net (life at home, family, friends, thoughts that don't pertain to my mission) and be a fisher of men. That's what's kept me going these past couple of days, especially with all the frustrating things that have been thrown at me. 

Alright, now for the funny stuff ;D

So, on the bus last week, while we were waiting for insurance stuff to get handled after the accident, the wind started to pick up. Hermana Kurene was like, "Wow! Wind!" and I just said, "Rapido!" and she turned to me, with the most innocent look on her face, and said, "Is that wind?" I died so hard. So funny!

Hermana Kurene had said that she was hungry, and not even 2 seconds later did a bug fly in her mouth right as she closed it. I keep joking that she'd asked for it. 

Then, at lunch, Hermana Kurene and I got up to leave, and Elder Cottrell held out his hand towards me and said, "Hermana Huber! You're leaving me!?" "Uh, yeah." "Nooooooooooooooooooo!" XD

Oh. My. Gosh. So, I touched on this a little bit (I think), but Elder Cottrell has a tendency to use "Christmas!" or "The left side of Christmas!" when something goes wrong or whatever. And when our teacher said that we had to teach a lesson in 2 minutes, he yelled out, "WHAT!? NO!!" and she turned to him, dead serious, and said, "Feliz Navidad, Elder." *pew pew pew* ROASTED! But don't worry, he'll "bounce back," ;) (yet another Elder Cottrell term). 

Okay, so you know how I said that I accidentally elbowed a hermana in the head at the temple? Well, when Hermana Kurene and I were doing a handshake, I accidentally came back and elbowed another hermana in the chest, and it didn't even register until after I finished the handshake and heard her say, "Owww." I was so sorry!! Ah. Me and my elbows. 

So, apparently, the entire session last week, Elder Peterson's fly was down, and when he and his companion, Elder Cottrell, were changing, Elder Peterson said, "Dude, Cottrell . . . " "Uh, yeah?" "My fly was down the entire session." "Christmas!" XD

We were told that we were getting new "investigators" this week, and all of the elders were like, "But, what about Regina!?" "Regina!" "REGINA!" and the teacher who had played Regina turned to them with her same dead-serious look on her face and said, "Regina died." XD Still one of the best things ever, only second to when she roasted Elder Cottrell. 

So, on the way back to our casa after gym, Hermana Kurene had dropped her ket to the casa (this was her third time) and I just had to laugh so hard. Then, after we got to the casa, we went to get our laundry, and I guess she thought I was behind her but I was off doing something else (who knows what?) and all I could hear her say was, "I forget my card, forget my companion . . . " XD

Okay. Y'know when I talked about how Hermana Kurene tripped last week after I was so tempted to shove her off the ledge? Well, she tripped again! In the exact same spot, on the exact same day of the week, at the exact same time, in the exact same situation! I still die over that one. 

"Everything we read is so much bigger in Mexico." Me "Probably because they have poor eye sight . . . like me." Hermana Kurene "I have 20/20 vision." I say as I adjust my glasses. In total innocence and believing, Hermana Kurene said, "Ah yeah . . . " XD she's so funny and gullible. (It's like having another Nicole or Kendra ;) )

So, we were walking to the TALL lab, and these elders passed by and said, "Hey! He can dunk!" Later, Hermana Kurene said, "Awe man! I should have told them, 'Hey! She can dump--' Dunk. DUNK!" I laughed so hard for a solid 15 minutes, and when we walked into a building to get waterbottles filled up, I couldn't stop teasing her and laughing. Then, I realized there was a meeting going on and I had to go outside because I couldn't contain myself. XD I just prayed they didn't listen to me!

So, I was paired up with Elder Cottrell, and he was pretending to be a bishop and we were getting to know each other. It was just an interesting situation overall, and it still makes me laugh. He also tried to trick me by tapping my right shoulder as he went on my left side, but I was too tired to even look, so it backfired. THEN, oh my heck, THEN I was practicing our lesson with my companion, and he looked over at the wrong time! I had asked if Hermana Kurene (who was playing our investigator) would offer the prayer. Then, I broke character and made a face and said, "Don't you DARE say no to me!" And he'd witnessed the whole thing and I just died! "Don't look at me when I'm teaching, Elder Cottrell!" "Whoa, sorry!" Haha! 

OH MY GOSH! Okay, today at the temple, we were taking pictures before our session, and this little Mexican man who has totally stole my heart came up to the fence and started talking to us! He GAVE US HIS NUMBER and WANTS TO MEET THE MISSIONARIES! HOLY SNAP, RIGHT!? And it was the perfect moment in time, because I'd honestly been questioning why I had the desire to serve a mission when it was so hard. It's so worth it, and it's given me the motivation and love to work harder at Spanish. Oh my heavens, best day ever! :D 

I love you all, and I appreciate your support, love, and emails. It definitely helps me to get through another 7 days of . . . life. Gosh, it's hard to believe I'm working on my third week. I've almost been gone a month. And it feels like forever, but at the same time, the time has gone by so fast! 

As they say at the CCM, 

"A week at the CCM is like a day, and a day at the CCM is like a week." AMEN. 

Hermana Huber :)

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Week Uno! Woot Woot! :D

Hola everybody! Hard to believe it's only been a week and 2 days! It's felt like literally 5 years. Anywho . . .

Okay, first of all, a t-shirt and jeans have NEVER felt so good in my LIFE until this day. AH.  

I got to the CCM (MTC) and met my companion right on the spot! Her name is Hermana Kurene, and she is from New Zealand (the only New Zealander to come to this CCM!!!!) She's also a nurse and super awesome. I actually wasn't that weird about having someone with me 24/7, which really surprised me since I'm not used to having someone around all the time. The flight went well, and I was able to figure all the customs and whatnot out, which was a huge blessing. They totally searched my bags and left a note about it, and we totally got hit on the way to the CCM in our bus (Dad, if you thought Hawaii was awful, I DARE you to come to Mexico City and try to drive. We got HIT and KEPT GOING. Like, WHAT?), but everything's here safe and sound, including me! 

Wednesday (1st Feb 2017) was rough. Literally everything reminded me of home, and how much I missed it. Even the scratches on my hand from Bleu made me cry, because I knew that I wouldn't be able to see him forever (and ultimately you all too). But my companion was totally inspired and sent to me from Heavenly Father, because she bore her beautiful testimony to me and told me that she loved me before she even met me, which meant a lot considering I didn't even know her. But the Spirit prompted me to confide in her and just bawl my eyes out to her, and I'm so happy I did. We are such good friends and we literally laugh at everything. Gah, she's the best. :) 

But Wednesday night into Thursday morning, I honestly was just so panicked. It felt like there was a weight on my heart, I couldn't breathe, and I couldn't stop crying. So, we went to the Clinica and talked to the mental health advisor, Hermana Burton (who is by far the BEST advisor EVER). I was honestly going to come home. I couldn't see myself making it past lunch time, let alone 18 months. So, she called Presidente Bennett over and his wife, and they gave me a priesthood blessing. I haven't felt the Spirit that hard in such a long time. I was promised so much and so many of my questions were answered, and it's honestly gotten me through my first week and well into the rest of my mission. 

Because of the power of God given to worthy and authorized men, I know that God was aware of me before this life, is aware of me now, and will be aware of me well into the next life and beyond. I know that I was foreordained to come to this mission, at this specific time, and to learn Spanish (as frustrating as that has been for the past week; if Bishop Gregorsen ever sees this, he'll probably laugh about my extreme lack of patience). I know that I will have peace, comfort, and abundant love for those around me and who I teach. I know that my family and friend will be SO incredibly blessed. I also know that God will equal me in what I lack, so long as I try my best and put my faith in the both of Us. The priestood is the! <3 

Because of that priesthood blessing, I can't see myself coming home any time soon. As much as I wanted to, it's not an option for me, because God is investing Himself in me and I need to live up to what He has asked me to do. I have a mission, and there's no way I'm backing out now. Although I can't see myself going any further most days, I can't see myself ever turning back either. I claim my blessing and every aspect of it, because that's literally all that's gotten me through the week. Well, the really good food, my companion, and my elders helped too. ;)  

The language makes me cry SO hard. Everyone says not to worry about it, but then they throw you into language situations (like lessons, which by the way, we've taught 5 so far and have another one tonight.) and I stress out. I've definitely learned more and comprehend more than I did a week ago, and I just have to remind myself that.  

Friday (3rd Feb. 2017) was the best day. We had to write out sentences as a class in order to say a prayer in Spanish, and Elder Burton used my name for the person we were blessing. It was so funny, yet so inspired, as they repeated the prayer on the board. I sure needed a lot of blessings this first week. 

Fasting here is SO fulfilling. We fasted from lunch on Saturday (4th Feb. 2017) to lunch on Sunday (5th Feb. 2017). My heart was so full from all of the testimonies. I shared my own, mainly in English but the end was in Spanish. I hate to cry, but I love bearing my testimony, and unfortunately, they're interconnected. But Sunday was basically a break from our heavy schedule. There is literally no time left unspent, which is good but super intense. 

Monday (6th Feb. 2017) was a good day. It was hard to get back into the swing of things because of said schedule, but it was good. Hermana Kurene is so awesome and so down to earth. I feel like she is so aware and servicable and aware, while I'm totally in the clouds and over emotional. But she's taught me to look for service opportunities and to love others. So, now (Nicole, Kendra, you'll appreciate this a lot), we have mini wars of service and comliments, just like home. P.S. I think I'm winning, but she'd probably beg to differ. ;)

Tuesday (7th Feb. 2017) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAMA! I hope the little reunion was awesome and that everyone had a blast. :) I thought of you and prayed you'd have a great day. It was the service project, where we get to welcome all of the new missionaries in, and I absolutely adored it. It helped me to realize how much Spanish I actually do know compared to a week ago. They are so cute and I just love them. (Yeah, I know. That was me a week ago, but a week changes you, man). 

I've actually been very resentful about having to come to a foreign mission and learn a new language. It's hard to not compare to other missionaries or friends, and it's hard to even understand what in the world is going on. I kept thinking that it would have just been so much easier and more effective if the Lord had just sent to English speaking. But, if given the choice, I wouldn't choose any other mission or any other language. I wouldn't learn and grow as intensely or as much as I would if I was going English speaking. It would be easy, but it wouldn't be right for me. 

Yesterday (8th Feb. 2017) was a good day too. My teachers and advisors and everyone in between are so wonderful and nice to me. They are encouraging and loving, and they're exactly what I've needed here to learn. At our lesson last night, I randomly decided to try and bear my testimony without notes, and the change in the atmosphere was CRAZY. The Spirit was so real and so intense that I started to choke up. But it was good and it's good practice. 

Today (P-day, YES! 9th Feb. 2017), we went to the temple! It was so nice to go and experience something familiar (although it was all in Spanish and the workers had to say everything for me). We got breakfast, headed out into the crazy traffic, sang hymns, and went through a session at 10. On the way back, we totally got hit (again. Don't worry, Mom. We decided to sit in the front instead of the back on the way back to the CCM, and we were rear-ended, so no one was hurt). They actually stopped this time and figured everything out, unlike my first day. Haha! 

I truly loved and appreciated receiving emails from everyone. I was lowkey worried about having an empty inbox, and I'm happy that wasn't the case. Just so ya know, I totally bawled through them because I'm so happy to hear from you. :)

Haha, as I write this, my elders are singing Shrek songs. My elders are SO . . . special. In A LOT of ways. ;) Haha, but I really love and enjoy them. I have a lot of stories to share about them, haha!

So, my first encounter with Elder Givens (who I actually had a hard time with because he is so advanced in Spanish and I am so not; don't worry, we get along really well now), I must have said something sassy, so when I was partnered up with him, he said, "Alright, sassy pants." and I looked him dead in the eye and gestured to my skirt as I said, "Uh, no. Sassy SKIRT."

Then, when Hermana Kurene and I were walking to class, she was balancing on the taller part of the sidewalk, and I was SO tempted to push her off. But, I decided not to, but I had to tell her. After telling her, she walked back onto the normal sidewalk area and literally not even two seconds later, she almost falls over. She told me later that she was thinking that the Spirit had stopped me, but the Spirit hadn't been there for her when she fell. I laughed so hard, and I still laugh so hard even as I write this. My elders are just used to it by now. Haha! 

So Hermana Kurene and I were running up the stairs because we were late for a meeting because we were helping the new hermanas find a companion, and our elders heard us run up the THREE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS but didn't hear us after the last flight. I'm surprised they didn't because we were breathing so hard. But after we hit the last flight, we took a minute to calm our breathing before heading into the room. Right as we rounded the corner, Elder Peterson and Elder Smith rounded the corner as well to come check on us. My fists went up so fast, and had Elder Peterson not flown back, I would have accidentally hit him. We scared each other so bad and laughed so hard about it afterwards. Their faces we priceless, and I'm sure ours were too. 

After our meeting, we were all chatting and heading down the stairs when Hermana Kurene said that she "wetted the floor" The rest of us burst out laughing, because in America, that means someone urinated, but in New Zealand, it just means water fell on the floor or whatever. We have yet to let that go, and we laugh every time it's brought up. But, the real kicker is that Hermana Kurene had told me previously that she needed to go to the bathroom. XD haha! 

Hermana Kurene also has this thing where she'll say, "Have a great day!" but she whispers day, so it sounded SO creepy the first time she told me she does that. I'll do it to her every once in a while in a really creepy way, and we'll laugh so hard over it for like 10 minutes. She doesn't sound creepy; I just like to make it creepy. 

Okay. Elder Cottrell . . . there are no words. We were eating some rice pudding (you would NOT appreciate it, Dad; it doesn't do your's justice), and I have no idea what the elders were talking about (probably not enjoying the rice pudding), but Elder Cottrell said, "That's rice-ist (racist)!" (totally a Nicole joke). But that wasn't even the funny part! The funny part was how hard Elder Cottrell laughed at HIMSELF (don't worry, Mom. You're still funnier than he is when you laugh at yourself). He was so red and he couldn't talk for a good 5 minutes because of how funny he thought he was. 

He also tends to say, "Video, or it didn't happen," "Christmas!" or "That's like the left side of Christmas," or "Fat minute," or "Verdad." He has the weirdest phrases, and I could honestly write a whole book and no one would understand except him. And he'd probably laugh about it for 5 minutes and not be able to talk because he thinks he's so funny (he really is, I just have to give him a hard time about it). 

I guess I roast him all the time, which I don't even realize! I'm just talking. Haha. In class, I must have looked at him weird (I wouldn't be surprised), and he said, "You think I'm weird, Hermana Huber?" and I said, "No. I don't think you're weird . . . I know you're weird." *pew pew pew* shots fired (that's what he'd say right now if he knew I was writing about this). I roasted him this morning too. I don't remember it entirely but it had to to with pictures and he said that he always looks odd in pictures, and I told him that it wasn't just in pictures. 

Okay, I have to write the New Zealand talk because it makes me laugh and I just love it.
Yous- you all
Torch- flashlight
Jovi- crayon
Rubbish- garbage
Plait- braid
Tiredas, smoothas, etc.- very tired, very smooth, etc. (the first time she said that, I thought she was swearing and I laughed as I explained it to her after she saw my face.)

Well, my companion has laundry to do, so I have to say hasta luego! Love you all and keep on praying for me, because I need it :) Te amo!! 

Hermana Kurene y Me

Hermana Kurene, Me, Elder Givens, Elder Sumpter, Elder Cottrell, Elder Peterson, Elder Smith, y Elder Burton (p.s. Elder Burton, thanks for taking the pictures! We totally forgot out camera!)
Hermana Huber :)