Monday, May 7, 2018

Semana Sesenta y Cuatro

Hey everyone! So, first off, sorry in advanced. No pictures, because my camera died and I keep forgetting to charge it. Second off, I have been the worst at journaling this week, so if my entries seem shorter and not too . . . epic like always, that is why. I hope that you enjoy nonetheless. :) MUCH LOVES! 

On Monday (20th April 2018) HAPPY 15 MONTHS! ONLY 3 MORE TO GO. :l  ... Hna Olguin was still super sick. She got a mosquito virus, so that's been fun. But, I was able to exercise some awesome service for her. If you've ever been taken care of by me, you know that you are not allowed to do anything but sleep until you feel better. She tried to do her laundry or cook or whatnot, but I just ended up sending her to bed so that I could do it. So, I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, and studying, which was actually a really nice feeling. I know that we are in the service of our fellow men, we are only in the service of our God. And that, as we serve one another, feelings of hatred, anger, and resentment can be filled with love, peace, and forgiveness. I haven't had any problems with this companion, thank the heavens, but I had a renewed appreciation and love for her because of the service that I was able to give to her. And she appreciated it beyond measure, so SERVE! It's awesome. :) 

On Tuesday (1st May 2018) we had one of the most interesting district classes ever. It's always been interesting being in a district rather than a stake, and sharing the area with two other companionships, but it's been so weird here. XD luckily we got some transfers within the area, so . . . hopefully some things change. If this tells you anything of how it went: Hna Olguin has the tendency to tell Elder Trujillo that what he says in english is right, and I have to tell him that it's not. It annoys him SO BAD, so just in the heat of the conversation, "I COULD SAY THAT PERRO MEANS CAT AND SHE WOULD SAY YES!" I had to just sit in a corner for a moment to calm down, and the american elder than joined us that day (because of 3 day divisions) had to sit down because he was laughing so hard. Anywho, on a more spiritual note, we went with our recent convert and his family, and his sister CHOSE HER DATE! That was a huge step for her, because we've been working with her for some time now, but because Esteban showed more interest, we focused more on him. So, now that we're focused on her, she's doing it! We're super excited to work with her. Then, we went with a reference that we were presented to at church, and it was a seriously beautiful and intense lesson. I was so into it that I didn't even realize the grandma left. XD anywho, when we asked him to say the closing prayer, he wanted to cry after doing it. It was so beautiful, and I just love this kid! He accepted a date to get baptized, but we have a lot of work to do before he can do it. :) but, we have faith. And, he totally made it worth it, because unfortunately, people can receive an answer, but they decide to take the easy way out and deny it. I got to watch Hna Olguin pop a top for the first time in a lesson. Needless to say, the kid knows that he's denying the answer he received and that there are consequences to that action. It'll be a funny story for when I get home ;) 

On Wednesday (2nd May 2018) we did weekly planning. We have some seriously good people who could totally get converted and be awesome members, we just have to work with them to get their answer. They're just dolls. Anywho, after the food appointment (that was seriously a disaster), we went visiting with a young woman who wants to serve a mission. We saw Esteban's sister and taught her about prophets. I just love our prophet today. I remember meeting him at the CCM and just KNOWING that he was a man of God. I just love him. :) And I testify that he is the prophet today and that he literally talks to God and that God guides us through him. :) Then, we went with a young woman that the missionaries have been working with for 6 months. We talked with her and we prayed about a date to be baptized. We did a prayer right there, and it was beautiful because she received an answer on the spot and cried because she knew that she needed to do it this week. We were super excited for her :) That night, we helped the branch with some ideas on how to help unify the branch. Afterwards, I was apologized to for a few things that had happened in the food appointment, and I was just a happy kid. Forgiveness is the key to healing. 

On Thursday (3rd May 2018) we went and visited the young woman to get permission from her brother to get baptized and set up her program and everything. She was really brave, letting us in and talking openly about getting baptized, because her family is against it. Especially her dad, and he's been the problem the entire 6 months, because he won't give her verbal permission (he doesn't live here). So, I was really proud of her. :) Then, we went with Luis, and it was so funny, because the grandma is pretty hardcore. He said that he didn't think he'd have time because of work, and as we were talking about it, the grandma went in and planched the boss, so he had enough time to talk with us ;D so funny. As it turns out, he has some things that he needs to work through, but he wants to do it. So, we're going to work with him so that he can take the healing process of repentance and get baptized. :) Then, we ended the night playing sports, and as always, I get intense. But, the members are used to that now. XD

On Friday (4th May 2018) it was a pretty emotional day for me. Super, actually. But, I learned a lot from it. We can't live to anyone else's expectation, and I think that's something that I have struggled with my entire life. I'd try to live up to the expectations of people who were supposedly my friends, the expectations of people who didn't even know me, and I'd always try to live up to my own incredibly high expectations. Being out here on the mission, and especially this day, helped me to realize that I have to prioritize the importance of other peoples' opinions of me and that I have to live to the expectations that God has for me. Before, I couldn't tell you what those are, but now that I have a better relationship with and understanding of God, I'm working to figure those out. The perspective that I have on life is incredibly different, and that's why I'm grateful for the companion that I currently have. She's the first one to really change in me what others couldn't. And, it all leads to Christ. :) That was the great things about being crushed for a few moments. God always turns our hardest moments into treasures and lessons that will carry us through our lives forever. What matters is what God and I think of me, and the expectations we both have for me. My life will no longer be dictated by someone else, especially if they have no right being a part of it. It also made me reflect on the relationships that I'm striving to attain and maintain. Overall, it was God's way of protecting me from a lot of things that I realize now that I don't want to deal with in the future. Great personal lesson within the mission, and definitely a testimony builder for my investigators. :) Another down for the day was that the young woman we were working with decided not to get baptized for the fear of what her dad would do. Her prayer was incredibly sad, because she knew that she was denying the answer that God had given her. :( But, I know that she'll do it. It's just not her moment yet. We ended the day with awesome contacts and references, and some Guanabana juice. That stuff's the best. :) 

On Saturday (5th May 2018) we had an awesome lesson on the Plan of Salvation with Esteban's sister. She read her chapter, and she just ate up all that we were teaching her. Her brother also accepted to get baptized with her, so we're really going to work with this family. I think the best part of it all is seeing Esteban's face knowing that he's getting so much closer to having an eternal family. He always prays for them. :) Ah, and I got bit by a ginormous ant during our lesson, and I seriously thought that I was going to die. After it bit my leg, it felt like needles stabbing me up along my leg, and I couldn't focus and my heart started feeling a lot of pressure. But, I am a living witness today that I indeed did not die. XD But I definitely freaked. My companion did too. Anywho, afterwards, we went on an adventure and contacted. I chased some turkeys and chickens, and I saw a huge pasture of cows. Super great day. :) Ah, and we met a sweet lady who doesn't speak much Spanish. They speak chol here. Dialect! :D So, if I learn some, I'll be sure to share it. :) Ah, and then we went and taught an awesome family that we found a few weeks ago but haven't been able to find in their house. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation, and the mom has a Catholic background, so she's really obsessed with el infierno or hell. So, when her daughter was asking us about the telestial world . . . well . . . "So, the telestial world is like--" Daughter "HELL!" Mom "Uhm, no." Me. XD We all just DIED. And then, we talked about baptism, and we explained that God has revealed that, at the age of 8, children should get baptized. I didn't even get the explanation out completely before the sister whipped around, pointed her finger at her brother, and screamed, "SINNER!" The fact that she was participating and showed interest was a miracle in and of itself, but that was honestly the best thing ever. I died so hard. XD She's my kind of kid. 

On Sunday (6th May 2018) we had a great church meeting. I just felt very happy and cal, and I enjoyed listening to the testimonies and reading the scriptures. I have a weird mattress, so my back has been hurting me these past few days, so I bent over to text the key indicators in, write a few things in my agenda, and then read Alma 5 (if you're feeling good about yourself, don't read that chapter. It planches you. That's why it's my favorite, because I need some planching done.) Our zone leader asked my about my aerobics after the meeting. XD But, I got him back because he was falling asleep during it, so when he leaned his head up against the wall, he turned off the lights, drawing all the attention to him and giving away the fact that he was falling asleep. So, I happily replied, "Ah, and what was up with you turning off the lights then?" He didn't mention it again. XD The food was seriously great, and the sister is a doll. :) And then, we went to appointments that didn't end up being there, and then we went home to make some goals for this next transfer. We're super excited, because a lot of things are happening! Woohoo! Second to last transfer and it's gonna be awesome. :) 

I love you all! And I'll talk to you next week! :D  

Hermana Húber :)
Misión México Villahermosa
¡La Mejor Misión en el Mundo!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Semana Sesenta y Uno

Hey everyone! :)

On Monday (9th April 2018) we had transfers. It was definitely great, especially when I'd been praying for someone to talk to during our wait, and two men talked to me throughout the two hour wait. But, it was a great opportunity to share the gospel and it passed the time. :) I saw Hna Olguin and we just talked forever. It's been so nice to just talk English. Ah. :) We wrote home and that was a blast, and then I spent the rest of the time unpacking. :) Oh, and I was laying on my bed while Hna Olguin talked on the phone, and then all I heard was "BAAAABE!" and I about flipped out of the bed. I'm in the same zone as Roe, so we talked for a hot minute. :) It was so good to talk to her again!

​On Tuesday (10th April 2018) we went to district class before heading over and buying food for the week, and then, as we were walking, a guy stopped and told me that I was beautiful in English. I just said thanks and kept walking, but Hna Olguin just died. She's not used to all the attention I attract ;) It's been quite the ride. The day was pretty uneventful other than that because no one was home. So, I got to know the area. But, I enjoyed a few revelations I received. We aren't to judge in the sense that we critisize and hate, but we are to judge righteously. Those who should be friends of ours, those who shouldn't. And also, that obedience to Heavenly Father's commandments is the only way to be happy. Sometimes, we view the commandments as restrictions, but in reality, it's so that we can have true happiness. 

On Wednesday (11th April 2018) this marked the day that I finally fell in the mission (iceskating doesn't count because of course that would happen). We were just walking, and I was deleting messages in the phone so that more could come in, and then I just slid to the side and fell down. XD it was a miracle that I didn't hit the car or anything like that, and Hna Olguin freaked, like I was passing out or something. XD We ate food, and it was so funny because Elder Trujillo wanted to know how to say "mal" in english, but Hna Olguin heard "mar" so she told him and he said, "I feel OCEAN!" incredibly confident to me and I just died. It was another walking day and getting to know the area, and now, I have a little "boyfriend" in the market who just stares at me with that look of, "hey there!" everytime we go. XD In my study, I loved in my little gratitude book that my mom sent me when it said that we should overlook our tribulations to focus on the things that bring us joy. It also talked about how love without works is like faith without works: DEAD. So, we have to serve and actively love those who we want to love. And, I've always enjoyed that. I've always been able to know who really loves me through their works, not through their words. I also like that it talked about faith being an anchor, which is something that we need in such a crazy world.
On Thursday (12th April 2018) we did weekly planning so that I could know a bit better who it is that we're teaching, and then we headed out to teach. It was fun to see a change when we passed by for an investigator and her brother for the sports activity. He wasn't going to come, but me being me and not taking no for an answer, he came and did so joyfully. ;) It was an awesome activity. I am not good at sports, but I make up for that with screams and some good shots. Especially when I get angry. That's when I play my best. ;) In my study, I realized a great example in the Book of Mormon of how the restored gospel blesses out lives: there aren't any divisions/social classes, there aren't any contentions, and everything is peaceful. But, we end up falling into apostasy or moving away from God when we allow rebellion and pride to take over. Blessings come to us because of a love for God. :) 

On Friday (13th April 2018) we had some awesome lessons and contacts. We were able to help a couple take the steps necessary to get married and then to get baptized. It was awesome! We met with a less active family and they treated us like royalty. I loved it! And we had a good lesson with them. Then, we went to take out money and the elders were there so they "helped" me take out my money, and when we kept taking more out (Elder Hamblin accidentally sent me the rent from Carmen XD), they couldn't believe it. They kept saying that I was going to take them out to dinner too ;) Haha! Oh, and I saw my checkout boy lover. ;) woohoo... On the bright side, I learned that love is the essence of the gospel and first and great commandment. That Heavenly Father never lets us down, and that every experience makes us better children of God and a better instrument in His hands. 
On Saturday (14th April 2018) we had some great lessons, and overall a pretty solid day. I learned that the Book of Mormon and a testimony of it is what will protect us in these last days. I also know that the gospel is a message of peace and goodwill. :) 

On Sunday (15th April 2018) it rained! And it was beautiful. :) We had a great service, but because of the rain, a lot of investigators didn't end up coming :( I liked the lesson in relief society, though. That we need to look at others through Heavenly Father's eyes and love them. :) That we are all children of the same Father, and that we need to treat each other as such. I especially loved the scripture they shared: 1 Samuel 16:7. Recognize sin and weaknesses, but love them and help them cultivate the potential that they have. :) 

​Sorry if this letter was short and confusing and to the point. This keyboard is horrible, and I don't remember much from this week. Super crazy, super fun, and super tired. ;) the life of a missionary. I'll try to be more in it next week. I love you all! 

XOXO from your white girl in México!

Hermana Húber :)
Misión México Villahermosa
¡La Mejor Misión en el Mundo!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Semana Cincuenta y Tres

Hey everyone! :) 

On Monday (5th February 2018) we had such a relaxing p-day, which we really appreciated as a whole. We had an awesome Plan of Salvation lesson with our awesome date, and she taught it to one of her friends during the week, which left us just in awe. She's so good! It was so funny, because I was starting to get sick and was kind of out of it, so much so that I started teaching the lesson in English. She was so confused, and so was I! The night ended so funnily. We got home, and Hna Roe was going to eat some yogurt. She opens the fridge and announces it, and then I hear a thud. I thought she dropped the yogurt, but it turned out that our ginormous Coke bottle exploded all over her. XD I died so hard. So funny. Not for her because . . . she's addicted to Coke. But it was great for me. 

On Tuesday (6th February 2018) we had an awesome lesson with another date. It finally clicked for her why it is so important to read the Book of Mormon, and the blessings that will come as she reads the scriptures and puts God first in her life. She's going to receive so many blessings, and I'm so excited for her. :) We also took some snacks over to the elder's house because Elder Peña was sick, and it was seriously an adventure. I almost got bit by a dog because of it. XD I don't know how . . . but I basically just skipped away. And Hna Roe grabbed my arm and yanked me away too, basically propelling me into the middle of the street screaming and skipping so the dog couldn't bite my heals. Something that comforted me that night was the scripture "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son." I was sick and some things were really getting to me, so it was a tender mercy when He changed it in my head. A nice little whisper and hug from the Spirit. "For God so loved Emma Huber that He gave His only Begotten Son." I just love Heavenly Father. :) 

On Wednesday (7th February 2018) I basically looked like the living dead. I had a fever that night that literally left me looking like I got punched in the face that morning. I have never had dark circles in my life, let alone ones that look like someone literally socked me in both eyes. I didn't realize how bad until I walked in the bathroom and saw my face. The mirror broke and I cried. (just kidding. The mirror didn't break.) So, I basically dead to the world in bed that day. But God is nice and sends people to help and serve us. An Hna brought us food, and then the elders brought me medicine. I don't know what those pills were, but they were seriously magical. XD I felt better by the time we headed out to Villahermosa to get my visa renewed (yep, officially legal. Woot!) and the ride was so funny. They always put on the weirdest movies, and Hna Roe and I were praying for a disney movie. So you know what they put on? A disney----NATURE documentary on flamingos. XD I will never forget the flamingos. 

On Thursday (8th February 2018) I was finally made legal and we had some seriously rocking lessons. I just love teaching. So fun. I also enjoy being a serice to people. One of the elders was struggling with something, and I guess I'm the person to go for things. I was able to give him some advice and help him lift his spirits about the work. It's so funny how the Spirit works. Then we went to visit it with a sister, and it was so awesome. A seriously edifying way to teach and get to know the members, as well as receive references and help people out. It was a seriously successful night, and made me realize the things that I want to apply when I get home. Serve your fellow brothers and sisters. It is seriously NOT important the religion or differences. We all need help along the way in this life. Be nice, love, and serve. Follow the Savior's example. It will save you and others from a lot of heart ache. 

On Friday (9th February 2018) we had an awesome lesson with some more dates and they even came with us to an activity. It was very successful, and our other date showed up too! Totally made my night and made me proud to see the fruits of our labors. Because, at the beginning of this transfer, we literally had nothing. The area was left in a horrible condition and we had to build from the ground up. So, to see the efforts turn into results has been amazing. :) We also had people contact us. It's so funny being two white girls in México where people just throw themselves at you. 

​Finally broke the shoes. Now I've got new ones that will last me the rest of the mission!

On Saturday (10th February 2018) we were walking when we ran into the elders. They asked us for references because they were short on numbers. It was so funny, because right after that, we walked into a date's house and there were 6 references sitting there right in front of us. XD she presented us to her friends and we got references out of the deal. The elders were not happy to hear that at all. XD The lesson rocked, too, because she taught one of her friends the Plan of Salvation for her personal progress, and then we studied about the sacrament. She just ate it up and recognized the importance of the prayers and the covenants she's going to make on the 24th. I'm so excited for her. :) The night only went up from there, because we had an edifying talk with our Branch President, I found 20 pesos on the ground, and we got pizza to celebrate "transfers". Even though we didn't get called that night.

Because on Sunday (11th February 2018) we got called in the morning. It's so funny, because we both felt like something was off. I knew that I wasn't staying in Zapata, and I knew that I wouldn't be finishing Hna Roe's training. It's so funny, because I always feel transfers. The thing is, Hna Roe progressed so quickly that all she was missing was a Mexican companion to help further her language skills. President told us this in our interviews (he actually thought she'd ended her training already). So, he told me, "Good job, Mom," and switched us up. :) We had a wonderful Sunday saying goodbye to people. I packed my bags, we gave the Family Home Evening night to the ward, and we chatted for a while before going to bed. 

Now, here I am in Ciudad del Carmen! :) I'm on an island! BEACH! Gal, it's awesome. :) 

Anywho, I hope this week found you all well. I hope you all enjoy Valentine's Day this year, not only to tell those that you love that you love them, but to find someone who isn't loved and to love them. Those who are the hardest to love are the ones that need it the most. What better opportunity to show the pure love of Christ then on the day all about love? I invite you all to find someone and to make them feel loved that day. That's your brother or sister in heaven. And when you're in the service of your fellow man, you're only in the service of your God. :) 

I'll talk to you all next week! Les quiero! :) XOXO from your white (red) girl in México!

Hermana Húber :)
Misión México Villahermosa
¡La Mejor Misión en el Mundo!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Semana Cuarenta y Cinco

Hi everyone! Whelp, I have literally no time, but we'll see how far I get :) 

On Monday (11 December 2017) we went to Palenque to play sports as a zone and to send Mamá Pérez off. It was super fun! I gained some mad respect from the elders. I may not be good at sports, but I can pull out some wicked moves when the moment calls. ;D We played head volleyball, and when I slid from literally one end of the room to the other on my knees to get a ball that no one was going for, yeah. The elders know not to mess with me XD We played soccer and basketball and head volleyball. It was so fun, and I was so tired afterwards. Ugh, but guys. The lessons were amazing afterwards. I love it when God takes over. He just . . . works miracles. The gift of tongues is real and the power of God hasn't ceased. It's so amazing. GAH. GOOSEBUMPS.

On Tuesday-Thursday (12th December 2017-14th December 2017) I literally died for three-ish days. For those of you that know me, you know how stubborn I am about going to the doctor. On Tuesday, after lunch, my energy suddenly just zapped and I couldn't handle it. But guess who has the best elders ever? YO. They gave me a blessing. Totally bawled, but that was okay. But I couldn't work the rest of the day. Or the next day. Hna Sánchez kept saying that we needed to go to the doctor, and I told her that if I felt bad the next day, we could go. So, I stayed in bed and slept all day. Got some mad organizing done with the areabook because I didn't want to feel like a complete and utter loser. But, on the third day, that was it. Hna Sánchez wouldn't quit pestering me, so we went to the doctor. They said that I have a stomach infection, but I don't trust the medical system here para nada. Anyway, they drugged me up and I stayed home another day in bed. But, again, who has the best elders? YO. They went by and bought my medicine, and Elder Hamblin told me that they were going to bring some movies by as a joke. How cruel. But, they were actually pretty worried about me. How sweet. I felt like Alma the younger repenting for eating so many tacos. :P "No more tacos for you, okay?" "Yes ma'am." "Do you want a shot?" "Do you want to get hit?"

On Friday (15th December 2017) I was reserrected and we went to work. We had some awesome lessons. GOSH. So potent. Hna Sánchez told me that I can planchar pretty good when it's needed, but that I chew people out with love, so it's kind of a soft plancha (guys, I wish I could translate that, but I don't remember English to save my life.). 

On Saturday (16th December 2017) we went to help out the elders with their baptism. It was the cutest thing. I also had an accidental 2 hour study session because I was so engulfed in the scriptures. GUYS. Study the scriptures. Pray with real intent to act on the answers that you receive. It will literally change your life! :D ah, but when we went, I saw a cake in the back with a cross and a baby being baptized, and without even thinking, I told Hna Sánchez, "This is apostasy." Turns out, it was the girl's parents who brought the cake and they're not members. Thankfully, they didn't hear me. XD We're good friends now. 

On Sunday (17th December 2017) GUYS! BAPTISM AND CONFIRMATION! TWO! Woohoo! :D So, Michelle and Ericka got baptized. Their mom was so happy with us. She's inactive, but she's started reading the Book of Mormon again and she's praying more. I just loved watching the changes. Before and after. You can totally tell the difference when someone has the Spirit and when they don't. So beautiful. :) We had an awesome lesson with our Branch President and then ate dinner with the family that we baptized. We sang our hymns and little dealio for Christmas, and Elder Peña tried to help me when I flipped to the wrong hymn, but I thought he was messing with me. So, while the elders and Hna Sánchez started singing one christmas hymn, I started belting another. XD So embarrassing, but they messed up at the end, so it all worked out. Fast-acting karma. 

I pondered a bit this week, and I realized a lot of things, but most of all, experiences. I expected a lot out of my mission that wasn't fair. I expected it to be perfect, and I expected myself to be perfect. But, without these experiences, I'd never be the missionary that I am. I wouldn't be able to help people in the way that I can now. So, my little testimony is that everything that happens, good and bad, prepares us for something more. Also, that celestial moments exist. I felt it in sacrament meeting this week during the sacrament. Celestial moments exist, we just need to put ourselves in places where they can happen. :) 

Anyway, loved the week, even though I died. :) Loves! XOXO from your white girl in México! 

Hermana Húber :)
Misión México Villahermosa
¡La Mejor Misión en el Mundo!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Semana Cuarenta y Tres

Hola hola! :D

On Monday (27th November 2017) we went to go shopping for our groceries (we literally had nothing) when the phone totally malfunctioned. XD So, we had to go to Coppel and talk to like, 3 people before we could get another phone to get ahold of the elders so we could meet with them and use their phone to call the offices. So, they met with us as we were eating 5 peso tacos, and while Hna Sánchez was talking and getting things worked out, the elders chatted with me. I just laughed so hard, because they asked me how many boys are waiting for me at home, and they wouldn't believe me when I said no one. Elder Ruiz, "Nah, you have like, 10 guys waiting for you." Maybe, but as far as I'm concerned, there's no one waiting around for me. That's how I wanted it and that's how I like it ;) After getting the phone fixed, the elders bought a Chamoyada to share, and while it's nothing like the ones in Villa, it was WAY better than the one in Coatza. I just laugh so hard thinking about that. We also had problems with money, because there wasn't any money on our cards, so I just walked around the entire week completely broke. But, we did manage to buy sufficient amount of food :) which is literally everything if you want a happy Hna Húber. And as we were shopping, the elders joined us and I just died. "Hna Húber, which one would be best for me?" Elder Ruiz, holding up lady diapers. So, I grabbed diapers for little girls and gave it to him. "These ones." Then we went home to put everything away before heading out for a lesson and a family home evening night. The lesson was on the plan of salvation, and it just went so good! :D ugh! And then the family home evening night XD I just love one of the teens there. He makes me laugh so hard, and he's a little rebel like myself. While we were eating, I asked his dad how his finger was because he nearly cut it off. "Bad." o.o "Oh. That bad, huh?" "Yeah." So I made the hand signal that they use here to say yeah with my finger, and we just laughed so hard, because it was a horrible joke given his finger situation. XD

On Tuesday (28th November 2017) we headed out to district class, and I loved it, but what I loved the most was how much God was chewing me out. It was on loving your companion and loving the investigators. I have no problem loving the people, but oh my gosh, companions kill me. You all know about my past companions, and this one is no different. She's not abusive like the first two were after Hna Wilson, but she drives me crazy. Holy heck. An example (that I swear has an awesome spiritual lesson to it) from this day was the phone. I sent a message to the branch president to know what the hymns were (yeah, I played once in sacrament meeting and now, I'm playing everything for every one. Devotional, sacrament meeting, primary program, etc. UGH) and she all of a sudden got really weird about it. "Who are you texting? What did you say?" etc. If you know me at all, you know that este no anda. -.- to say the least, I popped a top. So while she was keeping her distance for a while, while I helped out at the piano classes and english classes, she read the scriptures where God totally chewed her out. It was honestly neat to see that God was on my side. She told me about the experience later, and I just felt the love of God super strong in that moment. Like, yeah! High five. :) And then, later that night, she got chewed out again. XD So, she learned her lesson, to say the least. To end the night, a recent convert randomly found us in the street and gave us some bread free. It was another little gift from God, because He knows how I get when I'm hangry. 

On Wednesday (29th November 2017) we had some rockin' lessons, and I honestly loved my studies. Although I'm constantly getting chewed out ;D I love seeing the mercy that God has on me. That He gives me SO MANY opportunities to change and to do better. That He let such an imperfect and incapable daughter like myself enter into His great work and glory here in México. And not just México, but exactly in the area where Jesus Christ visited His people after His ressurrection. Exactly where so many Book of Mormon stories took place. With His convenant people. He has so much trust for each and every one of us. He loves us all so much. Something that I've learned from this companion is that everyone has the love of God, but not everyone has His trust. Kind of like normal relationships with people. Haha. But, it's been awesome to see the Atonement work in my life, and thus giving me a greater testimony and spirit to help others see the miracle that is Jesus Christ. And what better time of year than December!! 

On Thursday (30th November 2017) I turned 10 months old in the mission. Do you know how weird that feels?! I totally died when I saw the paper that said 10 months on it from Hna Sánchez. It didn't hit me really that hard until I was studying and looked at the big bold 10. I just felt so weird, like, I DON'T HAVE ANY TIME TO WASTE but at the same time . . . 8 MORE months? Haha. Anywho. It definitely kicked my buns into high gear, and I realized just how much I love being a missionary. Gosh, I love this work. And I love seeing the love God has for me and for His children. I'd been praying for someone, just SOMEONE to talk English to. You guys have no idea--actually, Bishop, you might ;D but seriously. NO ENGLISH. And then, God gave me these awesome elders. :) We talk English like it's no one's business. The Mexicans too. Just . . . BLESSINGS.

On Friday (1st December 2017) we went to a wedding! :D Well, "wedding". It was kind of the most pitiful wedding I'd ever seen, but she's gonna get baptized now, so it's fine. :) super cute and awesome. I was a happy child. :) And...PHOTO!

On Saturday (2nd December 2017) we met the BEST little kid ever. He read like 9 chapter in the Book of Mormon by himself and totally told us the entire story and wanted to keep reading and has been reading every single day. I died. The only problem is his mom, if she'll give him permission or not. But he's totally gonna ask and he's totally gonna get baptized. Gosh, I love the chosen people God has here! AH. It's just awesome to be a missionary and give service every day and help people and love people and be like Christ. :) I love it. We had a lesson with a lady that we contacted in the church, and pay attention, because her story afterwards makes me laugh. We sat there, and I didn't understand a single word she said. That's how I know that the gift of tongues is real, because if the Spirit isn't there, like, really really isn't there. Like bad spirits are there. I don't understand a thing. So, yeah. I felt like Satan or some of his followers were there. Super creepy. As we were returning to the house, I was thinking and reflecting on the week to think if anything funny had happened, and just as I drew a blank, I totally biffed it over nothing. XD I just laughed and looked up at the sky and laughed with Heavenly Father, because I know He blessed me with that. XD So, if nothing more, I have that to report to you guys as my funnies. 

On Sunday (3rd December 2017) the crazy weird Satan lady from the day before came to church. We thought, "Oh, great! Investigator in sacrament meeting. :)" Then, like, 5 minutes afterwards, she got up (this is fast and testimony meeting, where people get up and bear their testimony) and started screamed and yelling and prophesying of who-knows-what. I was up on the stand at the piano, and I tried so hard not to laugh. I couldn't handle it. My hand was over my mouth, and my mouth was wide open. I couldn't believe it. After they escorted her out, it was awesome to see the members get up and bear their testimonies, defending the faith and testifying of the truth. I absolutely loved seeing the experience strengthen rather than hurt these people. So cool :) the elders are going to go chew her out sometime this week ;) OH MY GOSH. If you guys didn't see the devotional, go see it. I loved it! :) It totally chewed me out too, but I loved it. This is a wonderful time of year! ALSO, go to and check out the #IluminaElMundo or #LightTheWorld initiative. The videos are the cutest and sweetest things, and the ideas of remembering Christ during thing Christmas season will honestly bless you guys. I can promise that as a representative of Jesus Christ. :) 

I love you guys! I know this church is true. I know that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ and that He guides His church through a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I know that the Book of Mormon is true with all of my heart, and I know that God loves each and every one of us. I know that you are all special sons and daughters of Him, and that He sent His Son for YOU! How cool is that? :) Happy December my friends! Loves! Xoxo from your white girl in México! 

Hermana Húber :)
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Monday, November 20, 2017

Semana Cuarenta y Uno

Hi everyone! How's it been? 

On Monday (13th November 2017) it rained so hard and I loved it! :D The best thing of the day was the Family Home Evening Night with our date! It was so spiritual and so amazing. We were all really keyed in on the Spirit, and I just loved hearing the goals that the family and our date had to keep the Sabbath Day holy. Reading the scriptures. Spending time with family. Learning the hymns better. Seeing things with an eye of gratitude instead of pitying the day. :) It was so nice!

On Tuesday (14th November 2017) I lost my USBs right after organizing them and getting all of photos on them :( To say the least, I was a very angry missionary XD but we had an amazing lesson with our date, who just totally ate it up. And then our friends from our restaurant gave us free milkshakes. That's one way to cheer me up :) Then, we headed to the other hna's house to spend the night because the next day, we were heading to zone conference. 

On Wednesday (15th November 2017) we headed out at 9 o'clock in the morning for zone conference, and it was honestly the weirdest and most emotional day I've had in a very long time. XD One minute you're okay, then President starts choosing "volunteers" and your blood pressure suddenly rises to a deathly rate. But it was really good, and honestly, the best part of it all was my interview. I was able to see the love God has for me and the love that President has for me. He told me that I am an asset to the mission and that I'm hitting my prime. I really appreciated that, because up until now (even now XD) I've felt like, maybe my mission has been a total failure and that I've only wasted God's time and my/my family's money being out here. But he helped me realize the reality of my situation and my mission, and honestly, his help has changed my entire perspective about my mission. :) It was honestly the best day ever. It was funny too, because during the entire interview, he mentioned that I had transfers 4-5 times, but I never really thought to ask. So at the end, "Well, do you want to know where you're going or not?" XD So, he told me that I was headed to Emiliano Zapata in Tabasco with Hna Sanchez (Wilson, yep! Hna Sanchez from my training! Woot!) So . . . that's where I am right now XD Surprise! They closed Oluta, which means they took out sisters and gave it to the elders. :) 

On Thursday (16th November 2017) we had our baptism interview! And I found out that Elder Baugh knows about my blog from his mom! XD I died SO HARD. I could not believe that people know about my blog. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I have a list of some people that I send this email out personally to. The rest heads to an email that directs this email to a blog, so that people from facebook and whatnot can see it. But, never in my life did I imagine that someone outside of my knowledge was reading it! XD Then, as I freaked out, Elder Peterson told me that he read it too! Do you know how much that freaks me out!? People know more about my mission than I do! XD Anyway, I freaked out, but our date passed his "test"! And during the lesson before, he started asking about the temple. I died all over the place. 

On Friday (17th November 2017) our day was filled with blessings. :) It was amazing. We spent the day getting everything ready for the baptism. We headed out to the church in Acayucan, but it was locked and the sisters were super far away. So, we waited for them to finish their appointment before heading out to meet them half way for the keys. BUT a bishop randomly showed up out of no where, so we didn't have to! Then, we got all dressed to clean the font, but it was already full of water and clean! So, we made the poster XD And ten, we were waiting for a bus to drive by, but it took forever, so Hna Palomares wanted to head out towards a store to see if it would show up there, but I got distracted by the alligators. XD BUT, it was revelation because the tardiness brought the bus. ;) Super duper blessed. And my studies were awesome that day! I realized just how much God loves us. We each have a special place in His heart, and He wants to help and protect us. He is our Father, and I just think that is so amazing, especially when I think of the relationship I have with my dad here on earth. To think that that love is 10x stronger and more in my Heavenly Father just blows me away, especially where I'm such an imperfect and rebelious daughter. 

On Saturday (18th November 2017) we had our baptism! We spent the day getting the house ready and the areabook ready for the elders. We headed out to eat and I had crab legs :) It was so good that I didn't realize how intense I'd been eating until I washed my hands and put lemon on my hands to take away the fish smell, and I realized that I'd cut my finger XD Then, we headed out for the baptism! On the way, there was a butterfly on my window, so I shooed it away to get it out the window. Hna Palomares and I were cheering it on and shooing it out, until it left! And then, it flew by our window again to say goodbye. :) warmed my heart. THEN WE HAD AN AWESOME BAPTISM! Just the best thing ever. :) ugh, best day ever. That's a lie. Sunday was the best ;) We received legitamately our transfers that night. I was headed to Zapata with Hna Sanchez and Hna Palomares to Coatza with Hna Castaneda. 

On Sunday (19th November 2017) we gave our goodbye talks, and I can't tell you how awesome it is to just speak by the Spirit without notes. Just letting it come to you and spill out of your mouth is the best feeling ever. :) Our date got confirmed and I was just so happy! Then, we headed to Acayucan to pick up Hna Navarro because her companion already left to go home! :) And when we came back, I heard the most wonderful words exist our date's mouth. "Yeah, my goal is to become a better person, and to accomplish that, I'm going to keep coming to church, and then I'm going to go to the temple. And I'm preparing myself to go on a mission." I cried! Not really, but I was super happy. I screamed. XD Then, we went about telling people about our transfers and saying goodbye. The hardest was at the restaurant. We walked up and there they were, with a cake. Gosh, I hate surprises because then I cry. So we walked up and I saw it and instantly turned to walk down the street and cry. I couldn't go in for like 5 minutes. XD I just couldn't handle it. They had a mariachi band play for us and we ate cake because we weren't going to spend our birthdays/Christmas with them. And then, our date showed up and wrote us notes! DX Tears everywhere! Literally the best day ever :) 

And today, our date showed up at the ADO to help us with our bags at 4:00 in the morning. WHO DOES THAT!? Anyway, I love you guys so much. I don't have much more time, but I want you all to know that I have a testimony of God's love for His children. I have a testimony that His Son lives, and that through Him, I can be a better person every day :) Loves! 

I'll send the picture next week if I can :( the computer and my camera are NOT getting along. 
Xoxo from your white girl in México! 

Hermana Húber :)
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Monday, October 9, 2017

Semana Treinta y Cinco :D

Hola Hola! Another week :) 

On Monday (2nd October 2017) we went on an adventure and I literally died because it was so amazing. :) We went to Acayucon and saw the waterfalls! Guys. My heart was so full and I was so dang happy. It was SO BEAUTIFUL. And do I have photos to tell the story? No. :P We were going to buy our new cameras, but . . . we didn't get back in time. Sigh. But, take my word for it, it was honestly the most beautiful and peaceful scene of my entire life and I absolutely adored it. Plus, Hna Pèrez fell (all muddy and bruised, poor thing), so there was my laugh and justice for the day ;) On the way back, I sat with another sister and she talked to me about life and stress and sha lala and really helped me just to unwind and feel good. When we got back, we wrote home and it was great :) 

On Tuesday (3rd October 2017) we had interviews with President! :) Well, first, we had district class, haha. Got ahead of myself. And I honestly can't tell you exactly what I said to answer a question, but it was completely silent afterwards and our district leader's face. XD "Que potente, Hermana . . ." It must have been something good. Then we all ate breakfast together at Little Caesers. Mexico is the only place that I will ever eat there. They make it right ;) We had a lesson with Ernesto, and I felt so free. Rather than worrying about the reprocussions (sp?) from Hna Pèrez, I decided to teach and follow the Spirit. It was a great lesson and I think we finally touched something with him. He doesn't want to change and feels like he did all his changing before and there's no need for more. But we're constantly changing. God is constantly molding us so we accomplish our purpose here. To become like Him :) So, we're never done changing; not even after we die and resurrect and receive our glory. We're contantly moving forward. Que awesome, right? Okay, then we had interviews with President and that's always the best. :) Good ole President. 

On Wednesday (4th October 2017) we had zone conference! I talked with Hna Haws beforehand and afterhand, actually. I love her, and I realized just how much I love and appreciate my mom. :) My best friend, for reals. Oh, and the zone conference was honestly perfect. Super great, and it was good to see some friends too. (Guys, in this very moment, I totally spaced what I was talking about because the music is so great here where we're writing XD I know. Totally sinning, but it's just so nice XD) Okay, anyway, yeah. Conference, Mom talk with Hna Haws, and then we went to a lesson with Obispo Fred and Hna Angeles. We got thanked by the investigator for bringing light into his life . . . and that we've given him something that he is so grateful for. We haven't even gotten to the Plan of Salvation yet. It was amazing :) 

On Thursday (5th October 2017) oh my gosh guys. This is so bad, but it's too funny not to tell XD So, because we're eating in an area (did I mention that we have 3?) a bit far away from our house, we get up in the mornings and head to the beach to study. ;P Don't know if that's allowed, but what's the worse that could happen? Well, I got the answer for you XD So we were sitting and studying together when a guy walked by and said, "Muy bien!" I didn't hear, but Hna Pèrez did and didn't understand until a sister told us that where we were sitting was a Gay Spot XD I died so hard. Oh, I also got a random massage this day, which was SO needed. It took all the energy out of me, so I totally passed out while Hna Pèrez got hers and some references. XD Then we were walking by the restaurant where we were going to eat because the creepy guy who wants to marry me was there (I could feel it in my gut), and a sister offered us water from her little stand where she sells who-knows-what. Miracles! :) then we ate food, and when we left, we walked pretty far to find a camion to take us to our appointment, and when we found one, we ended up passing the restaurant we'd been eating at XD And while we were waiting for the light to turn green, the driver and his helper were randomly fixing the mirror that fell off IN ORDER FOR HIM TO DRIVE AND SEE AND CRASH. XD He told me to smile in the mirror for him. :D Then, when we were walking, I saw through the fence two dogs and started calling for them, only to realize that they were statues. o.o good day . . . 

On Friday (6th October 2017) we went to study at the beach again . . . AWAY from the Gay Spots. XD And just as we finished, we saw the sky turning pretty ugly, so we went to find some shelter from the rain. Just as we got to the OXXO, it started to rain SO DANG HARD. Miracles. :) Also, while we were walking to an appointment, an investigator who is a taxi driver pulled up and took us to our appointment, which turned out to be SO FAR AWAY. Miracles. Guys, this is a funny and very sad story. We were walking in the area, trying to find chamoyadas and I was about to just die because we couldn't find them. Then, I saw the store with big words that said, "CHAMOYADA" and my heart began to sore (I totally know that's wrong . . . but I can't remember how to spell). We went in and I ordered my chamoyada and . . . it wasn't a chamoyada. It was freaking garbage. I was so mad the rest of the day -.- don't mess with me and my food. 

On Saturday (7th October 2017) we went on visits with Hno Frank and that went great, especially where I got to help a young woman with some problems she's having that are similar to the problems I was having with Hna Pèrez. We also had the wonderful opportunity to fast :) and just before we got the news of transfers, I heard Hna Pèrez tell another sister that she wishes that she can have another chance to work with me (ha, no. I'd rather eat another garbage chamoyada.) And, luckily, as an answer to my many prayers, we got the word of transfers. And I had to laugh, because in my interview, President told me that he was going to move me closer to the offices and basically closer to him. And he sent me to the place furthest from the offices in the mission XD he makes me laugh. 

On Sunday (8th October 2017) we went to Boulevard and I played the piano for them. It was great, and I messed up a ton, but the Spirit was awesome. They were super grateful for it too, because there are hardly any people here who have musical talents that we take for granted in the states. Then we headed to 20 and I got to bear my testimony one last time :) It was awesome, because I honestly have a testimony . . . that has grown so much. Goodness. Then, we went to the AVO and picked up my companion (I totally did NOT realize she was my companion XD We both laughed so hard when I asked her "So, who's your new companion?" "Uh . . . you." "WHAT?!") and just worked the rest of the day :) 

Okay, dun da da dun! My new companion!!!  
Her name is Hna Palomares, she's from Sanora, and she's honestly the I feel like I'm with Wilson when I'm with her. 4 1/2 months of abuse and now, I see the light at the end of the tunnel! Woot woot! 
And I can already tell you that we're gonna have so much fun XD because . . . 

Today (Monday 9th of October 2017) my companion and I cuddled (remember that, Wilson? XD) before she and I and Hna Pèrez got ourselves all together to leave :) We left for the AVO, ate Burger King with the elders, and then Hna Palomares and I left for our autobus. We got all ready and whatnot, and as it turns out, she had the wrong passes! XD she confused our pass with the ones to come to Coatza! So, we had to leave and buy other tickets. Then, we got home (guys, I honestly adore our house. It's amazing!) and as we were leaving to write, I ran out with my flipflops! XD Yep, I'm a missionary. And you can totally see the tanline from it ;D We're going to eat dinner with some members and then get everything organized for the transfer! Guys, I'm loving it here and my drive to be a missionary is back! All because of the little miracles God gives me.

I can bear you my testimony that the hard times are hard, but they build you so well. I had 4 1/2 months of mental abuse from my companions, and it sucked so much, but now that I'm away from it all, I can see where I grew. I can see the benefits God wanted to give me. I can see that I'm a new and better person. I can also testify of the Book of Mormon. It honestly saved my life during these horrible experiences and provided wonderful ones in the process. I know it's true. I know it's what made me . . . me when I was home. I'm in love with the Gospel, and I know God is aware of every one of us. I love you all, and I'll talk to you next week! :) 

Hermana Húber :)
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