Monday, June 25, 2018

Semana Ochenta y Uno

Hola hola! 

This week has been one of the most . . . interesting weeks that I can remember in a long time. Haha. 

So, on Monday, we got transfered. I'm going to "die" here in Palenque, and my companion is Hna Macedonio, one that I already had in Carmen. This is the first repeat between the sister missionaries that anyone has ever seen since I got here, so there's a pretty awesome purpose, I suppose. :) When we found each other in the ADO, we had a miracle comvi ride, which was super nice. Apparently we'd missed the one we'd paid for, so the lady paid a fancier comvi to take us bck to our area. No charge extra, which was SO NICE because money is tight. :) While we waited for our companions to come, Hna Villarreal and I talked about . . . a lot of things. I enjoyed it, and I really appreciated her fresh view on missionary work, because the view here can get intense sometimes. Our numbers are sacred because these people are sacred. They are the people that Heavenly Father gives us to teach, nourish, and help on their way back to Him. And, as we help them, we also help ourselves and end up growing together. 

I've done quite a bit of growing spiritually this week. I've studied a lot about faith, patience, and humility, which has been a wonderful experience. Humility has helped me to be calm about ending my mission soon. To trust that I did the best that I could during these past almost 17 months, and that I did all that Heavenly Father asked of me. And whatever I couldn't do, He made up the rest. Because, in reality, this is HIS work, and I have a very large privilege to work here amongst His children. Faith has helped me to stay calm with the area, and patience has a played a role in that as well. As I'd reported, people who were keeping their commitments dropped us, and those who didn't drop us, well, we had to drop them because they weren't progressing. I feel like Heavenly Father is just leading us in another direction, and as we try to contact and find people, He's drawing us closer to that person. Whether it be someone who is going to get baptized or someone who hasn't come to church in years, we'll find His children and get them back. Although I've been super . . . stressed-ish with going home and trying to get the area back into shape, these things have always helped me to draw closer to Heavenly Father and learn more spiritually. I've enjoyed tesifying and teaching, and I've appreciated every moment that I've had to just be a missionary, more these past couple of days now that the time is getting short. :) 

As for the work, it was a good week. The members have opened up a lot more this week. More than I've seen them do so since I got here. The people here, especially the members, are super hard. The members have passed through really bad experiences with elders here in the district, so it's a miracle that they even feed us. But, this week, many of them opened up about personal problems that I had no idea about. And, to sit there and listen, and to be privileged enough to be trusted with the information given to me, and then to show them just how much the restored gospel can help them . . . those were very touching experiences for me. To see them smile and have that hope . . . those are great moments. :) Among the people that we're working with and contacting, we've had quite a bit of success in finding good people.
We've been putting into practice a goal to teach an entire lesson in the moment upon contacting, if time permits. We've found some good people who have accepted a date to be baptized, and we've been able to see who may progress or no, just upon meeting them. It saves time and allows for us to teach more, which I'm trying to enjoy while I still can. It's not every day that you get teach random people in their store or on the corner, waiting for a comvi. 
We had a lesson with set of twins, and one of them asked if she could get baptized. It was honestly the cutest thing, and I loved it, but unfortunately, her parents won't give her permission. It was hard for us, but to see the change in them and to see her want it gave me hope that she'll do it someday. 
To top off my happiness with Luis, he came to church on Sunday in a white shirt and with a tie! I totally died and just stared at him the entire time. Little handsome devil! Gosh, I can't wait until he serves his mission and does other awesome church things. The goal is to see him baptize someone before I head home. :) He's been visiting with the elders, which is so exciting for me, because he's just growing! AH. 
Oh, and to just kill me off, Hna Macedonio gave me an update on Bartolo. He goes over to the sisters' house every morning to bring them fruit, primarily mangos. Then, he always goes to church and he just loves seeing the missionaries. Every time they see him, he brings out his pictures of me and Hna Wilson and the sign that we made for him for his baptism, and he just goes ham talking about us. As she sat there and told me all about it, I just cried. Such a cute little thing to hear before I head out. Hopefully, I'll see him before I go home. :) 

I don't know if I ever talked about this, but Hna Olguin lost the keys to our house and the church, and when we figured that out, it was when we were getting home. So, we had to break into our own house, and I don't know how many forks were broken to try and open the door. Come to find out, our owner who lives below us had extra keys and we were able to get in. They still don't know about the window though . . . 
So, the Jehovah's Witness that we accidentally taught was flipping through the Book of Mormon, so if I baptize a Jehovah's Witness . . . I will be a legend here. XD 
Oh, and Hna Macedonio told me that I teach with my fingers. Apparently, I've been doing that ever since Carmen. How embarrassing!

Hermana Húber :)
Misión México Villahermosa
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Monday, June 18, 2018

Semana Sesenta y Nueve

Hey guys! Two separate emails today! Last week . . . I actually don't remember . . . I think I didn't have anything to remind me what to write, and my pictures wouldn't load or something. So, enjoy the two this week and hopefully everything goes back to normal! Or, as normal as I can get. Haha :)

On p-day, we went to ruins together. This will have been my third time going, but the awesome twist was that we found a vine and all played Tarzan on it. I wish I had the video, but lowkey not, because I'm pretty sure my dress went up. XD But, it was super fun, and I just loved seeing everyone again. It was quite the adventure, and I have pictures to show you! :D

The main thing I learned throughout the week and am still learning is that Heavenly Father has a specific plan for each of us. What I struggle with is probably accepting it when it doesn't go my way. This week, we found some seriously incredible people to teach. They were keeping their commitments and progressing really well, and they all had dates to get baptized. Then, all of a sudden, they wouldn't return calls, they would purposefully hang up on us, they would hide whenever we came by, and they started going to the church they had originally been going to. I swear we reactivated an entire Catholic church. XD And all I could think is, "Why? What did I do wrong? What more could I have done?" I was reading in Jacob 5 where it talks about the vineyard and the workers, and how even Heavenly Father asks Himself that. "What more could I have done for my vineyard?" And I was a little upset for a bit, but I know that He's trying to lead us in a different direction, and probably a better one. He was probably protecting us from teaching them only to see that they weren't going to accept the change. I'm still learning and hope to somewhat master how to trust in His timing, and have faith, hope, and patience to do His will. :) 

Another testimony grower this week was when we went to the sports activity at the church, but we didn't get to play because one of the construction workers' phone went missing. All of us got together to help him find it, and when we searched and searched and searched and came up with nothing, I stopped my companion and told her that we needed to do a prayer. We had no idea where the phone was, but I knew that Heavenly Father would know where it was, because He sees and knows all. She agreed and we staid a prayer, and not even 10 minutes later, one of the councelors found the phone in a place that we would have never imagined. It saved the church's reputation with this construction worker and allowed for our testimony of prayer and miracles to grow. 

A cute little note was when we went to eat with a family, and while we waited for them to finish making the food, we chit-chatted with the grandma. She was a little there in the conversation, but what I loved is that she knew for sure what the Book of Mormon is. "It's another testimony of Jesus Christ. But, you better believe that it's not here to replace the Bible, because it's here to be a companion for it." I felt my little heart and testimony grow as I listened to her short but very strong testimony. 

Other than investigators dropping us, we visited Luis. The members are very impressed with him and his progress and who he is as a young man, and that filled my heart. We also met with a referral given to us by the same family. She came to church and was very active, and has plans to accompany us again. And she wants to know if it's true, so we have high hopes in her. :) 

Some funnies for the week. I've gotten to be really great friends with a family, so when their son said, "You can just leave and go out there." when I was fanning myself and waiting for an investigator to come, I totally died. "If I didn't know you, I would've said that you can go out on the patio and get some air, but seeing how I know you, you get what I mean." I died. 

I've beat Hna Olguin at intense Uno for about a week now, and I'm so excited to come back and play Hand and Foot for hours again, Kate and Eric. ;)

On Saturday, we threw a little party for one of our elders here who had a birthday. Here, they stuff peoples face in the cake, so when he went to bite it, three hands dunked his head in the cake and I barely lifted up the bottom, so his ENTIRE head got completely covered in cake. It called me. XD He didn't know until he looked at the video, and now they all fear me. XD haha

We played volleyball and my foot tan is so wicked that the elders thought that I was wearing my white socks. XD and it got so intense that I got knocked down trying to get the ball and steal it from someone else. Best day ever.

P.S. I ate some small mountain animal. Who knows what it was, but it wasn't bad!

Love you all and I'll talk to you next week! :) 

Hermana Húber :)
Misión México Villahermosa
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Semana Ochenta (Last Transfer!)

Hey guys! Last transfer! Woot! This may be a short letter, because there isn't much time and I also don't remember a lot from this week nor have I journaled for quite some time. Eek!

So, we went to Zapata to play again one last time as a zone before transfers. I ate turtle again, and I have to say that it tasted a lot better this time around. Still good. Still like chicken. :) Ah, and I got to eat my 5 peso tacos after years. Still so good!

Just look at how cute we all are. :) 
We did get transfered. I will be staying here in Palenque and will "die" here, and I'm with Hna Macedonio again. XD This is the first repeat anyone has ever seen with the sisters, so it has to be for a reason, right? 

Anywho, we spent the week getting to know more members, contacting, and getting referrals. After being dropped by so many and dates falling, we're working to find the people that Heavenly Father wants us to find, because we know that it happened for a reason. :) Through it, we've found some more great people, and I'm excited to see where this transfer goes. 

We had our interviews this past week, and although it was short, it was nice to talk with President again. He was very proud of Luis, and he said some very reassuring things for me. Satan has no control over us as long as we don't give him that ability to manipulate us. 

We found a great young couple who I have enjoyed teaching. They were a couple that we contacted a long time ago but never went back to see. I'm glad that we went through our list and went back to see them, because they want to come to church and prepare to get baptized, so we'll see where it all goes.

Another family that we went back to see also came to church with us. It was seriously one of the best lessons that I've ever had, because the Jehovah's witnesses came in while we were teaching. The family invited them in to sit down, and they told them to wait until we finished. XD The entire time, I just wanted to laugh, because one of them just sat there and made loud sighing noises while the other tapped his foot the entire time. We were able to teach from Joseph Smith's First Vision to the Book of Mormon and get to invite them to church all during that time. This was probably bad on my part, but it was fun. "Like it says in Santiago 1:5 (ah, James. XD) we need to ask God. You can ask anyone if their church is true. The Catholics, the Baptists, the Jehovah's Witnesses, us, and we're all going to say that our church is true. But you need to ask God, because He knows which church is His." and "You can pray about whichever church. Ours. The Catholic's. The Jehovah's Witness'." XD They were not impressed. Haha. But, the two girls accompanied us to church and really enjoyed it. The members welcomed them in, they found their own friends, and they loved the baptismal font and wanted to go in. We'll see what happens with them this week. :) 

Then we went with another contact we hadn't returned with and her friend ended up being really open to learning more and getting baptized, and we're going to see what we can do about her work, because she works on Sundays. We'll see how it all goes down. :) But she gave me hope, and I'm excited to see all of these people this coming week. 

A funny is that I got hit on while we were teaching an old investigator who invited us back. We were chit-chatting with her when she presented us to two of her friends. A little old man and a 40 year old one. They asked if I was married, and then asked when I was finishing. "Ah, he can wait two months! He's interested!" and the 40 year old gradually got closer and tried to draw attention to himself and jazz. I just sat there and tried so hard not to laugh because they were all so serious. XD Luckily, someone called us and we had to leave. 

Ah, and we were walking in the street and a boy chased us down to hit on me. "Where are you from?" "The states." "How long have you been here?" "16 months." "What are you doing here?" "Preaching the restored gospel of Jesus Christ." "What church do you come from?" "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or the Mormons." "What does the Mormon church do?" "Bring salvation." "Don't you want to teach me more about your church?" "We'll see you at 10 on Sunday and teach you." XD Very short and to the point, and he still didn't get the hint. Needless to say, we never saw him again. 

Ah, pues. I love you all! I'll talk to you next week! :) 

Hermana Húber :)
Misión México Villahermosa
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Monday, June 4, 2018

Semana Sesenta y Ocho

Hey guys! How have you all been? :) Much love from little México :) If this letter is a little loopy, it's because I'm a little loopy. I got sick last night, and then we went and hiked the ruins as a huge mission field-trip, so I'm an exhausted gringa. ;)

So, it's been pretty roasty-toasty down here in the sur de México. 50 degrees Celcius, and then the rain comes to cools us off. We've had about three or four days of 50 degrees, and then it flash-flood rains. I've absolutely loved it, and instead of pulling out my paraguas, I just "dance" a little bit. :)  

Whelp, I completed 16 months on the mission this past week. It didn't hit me until a few days afterwards that I'll be in my house in about two months. Only one more transfer left, guys. CRAZY. But, it's well received. Everyone tells me that I look very calm and at peace with it, and I am. It has been lovely, and I'm grateful for two more months of it. I'll just "die" here where the guacamayas (macas?) say hi to me every morning. So cute! A funny but not-so-funny thing happened this week. On Monday, I got my nails done, and it took her three hours to do them because of the glue. And then, they lasted me three hours before falling off. Best. Day. Ever. XD So, I'll just wait to get my nails done at home. And, I've felt closer to my Heavenly Father more this week than . . . ever, I think. Before the mission, I was a horrible pray-er. I fell into my habits of saying things and whatnot, but I never really TALKED with Heavenly Father, as I would my own dad. So, this week, I made it a goal to talk with Him. What went from a 2-3 minutes chit-chat went to being 15 minutes and counting. I have absolutely loved talking with Him and confiding in Him with all that happens. My testimony has grown, not only of prayer and that it's our way of communicating with Heavenly Father, but also in the fact that Heavenly Father knows us. He listens to us. He loves us, and He misses us. Before this life, we walked and talked with Him, just as we would our own parents or friends. Now, we're separated, but we have our own personal speed dial to talk to Him. Prayer. :) So, I would invite you all to pray. Really talk with your Heavenly Father. And watch how things change between you and Him. It's lovely!

Alrighty, as for the work this week. We've had some wonderful contacting moments, where we teach in the moment. A lot of times, people are busy and decide to put another appointment, but I've noticed that as we teach them, in that exact moment, we find whether they are going to progress or not. Whether Heavenly Father has prepared them for these wonderful messages or not. We have found some pretty great people, and I've enjoyed this change in the way that we work. 

Oh, gosh, guys. Have I got the story for you. So, we've been teaching an awesome lady who would always read her chapters and she'd even read more than necessary, and she was just eating it all up. When we couldn't find her, we taught her husband. He's athiest, believes that we're made of dirt and will die as dirt, that we're made of aura, and he believes in some form of re-encarnation. He's also a druggie. So, as we talked with him and taught him the Plan of Salvation, I felt the Spirit testify so clearly that he is a child of God. That they had a great relationship before this life, but that Satan had a greater hold over him. It was so sad to see these beliefs, and I honestly felt godly sorrow for him and his lack of interest in Heavenly Father. So, thinking that he'd totally reject and confirm the fact that he's not prepared, we extended the baptismal invitation. And he said yes! XD just to spite me, I'm sure. 
OKAY, funny story of the week. The next time we went to try and find his wife, he was there and she was "too busy" to receive us (she's hid from us this entire week). His friend and him were building a table, so I asked if he wanted help, to which he responded: "Nah. Listen. When  you're just beginning, it burns your eyes. You can't close them, because it burns, but you can't have them open because it hurst even worse. You won't be able to sleep for weeks . . ." and after a few minutes, I realized that he was talking about his drugs. XD He thought I had asked for drugs. "No, hermano. Do you need help with your table." "Ah, nah. That's easy. We just have to put it together." XD I died. Could not believe it. So, we won't be going back anytime soon. 

We taught a few young women this week. They both have accepted to get baptized, and they only need to come to church. One has all the intentions in the world to come, so we're hoping to see her these next two weeks so that she can follow through on her date. The other one, who hasn't gone to church for years, started going to the Catholic church about two weeks ago, just when we started teaching her. I just died, but she knows that the Book of Mormon is true. We knelt down and prayed about it, and she said that she felt something that she couldn't describe, so we're moving in the right direction. We're trying to have members come with us and befriend our investigators, because that's what worked with Luis. 

Speaking of Luis, I was so excited to see him on Friday. He is just the best, and I just love him to pieces. We read a chapter in Alma that talked about receiving the priesthood and going on a mission, because he was preparing himself to receive the priesthood, and he can go on a mission in a year! AH. And, he received the priesthood this Sunday! I died, and I'm just so dang proud of him. He's the best. AH. And, when we finished teaching him, he said that he loved all of it and he's super chill over all of it. And, it helps, because his friend is heading out to Tijuana on his mission next month. :D AH! And, through Luis, we've been able to re-activate a mas o menos less active family. Ah. Life is so good. :) 

We've taught a few people who have cute little tourist stores here, and it's been pretty successful. We're teaching a couple that already has plans to get married, and the husband has been keeping his commitments, which has been exciting. He has enjoyed the lessons, and his wife as well, and they have three cute little boys together. The baby is literally the best, and I just love him. :) They also prayed to find the right church. Super exciting! And then, the young girl has changed so much since we found her and taught her this week. There's a new light in her eyes, and she's gone from not knowing anything about God to knowing a lot more. She's been reading and loving the chapters, and her prayers have grown and become so much more spiritual. She's just the cutest thing. The only problem is her dad, who isn't religious and doesn't want her going to church. :p But, we'll see where it goes. 

We went and taught an awesome reference yesterday from the cutest little elderly man in our branch. He basically taught the entire lesson because he lowkey just wants to be a missionary, and he really wants his in-law to find the right church. His in-law was very receptive, and he accepted a date. He's excited to read the Book of Mormon and study it, and he wants to come to church. And the best part of it all is that the member that gave us this reference is totally up for coming with us to every lesson and bringing him to church and making sure that he studies his chapters and gets his questions answered. Seriously the cutest thing, because they're both little elderly men and if you've seen those elderly men who interactive together in the movies, it's basically that. Super cute. 

Last night, I got to talk to Hna Roe because Hna Rodriguez came here to go to the ruins today. We talked for a good hour about everything that has happened since we last saw each other (4-5 weeks ago XD ). It was just the best thing ever, and we laughed so hard and reminised in the good ole days and whatnot. We also saw the Face-to-Face with President Nelson, and I just know that he is an inspired man and that he is the prophet. Goll, I just love him. :) 

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my little letter home. I hope all has gone well for you all, and that you're recognizing God's hand in your life. :) I love you all, and I'll talk to you next week! 

XOXO from your white girl in México!  

Hermana Húber :)
Misión México Villahermosa
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Monday, May 28, 2018

Semana Sesenta y Seis y Siete

Okay you guys. I didn't write last week, because I didn't have my notes or my camera. I also had to pick classes for college (eeeh). So, this will be a nice long letter for you about my shanagins (what?) these past two weeks. :) I hope you enjoy. And I hope it's long. Long story short, I accidentally ended up getting my nails done and they are acrilics, so I'm just trying to type this right. XD

So just the briefness of about . . . 2 weeks ago? Yeah. So, the beginning of the week was interesting. Hna Olguin got sick, so we stayed in the house for a few days. The best part of it though was that the other sisters came and we had like, a sleepover party. :) It was nice, and I really think that it helped Hna Olguin lift her spirits. We did face masks and foot rubs and all the stuff women do to make themselves feel better. We talked about elders XD and future plans, because Hna Villarreal and I are going home together. I learned Hna Sanchez's life story, and I just beat everyone in Uno, so it was quite the satisfying life. I tried to think of how to play Mowu (I hope you're laughing hard, Kendra, because I have no idea how to spell that game) but I couldn't remember all of the rules. :p Plus, a few of them wouldn't make sense in Spanish. 

Then, I got sick XD I'd been having stomach problems and then my throat started to hurt, so I knew that I was getting the cold. I eventually got the full-blown cold, but I have no idea what happened with my stomach. Something I started doing since Zapata was sleeping with a Book of Mormon either on or in my bed. It helped me to sleep better, and I didn't wake up all anxious for the day since. So, when I started to do it again here, my stomach pains went away, and I was able to sleep through the night without having to have to take TUMs and yogurt. Miracles of the Book of Mormon :) I'm going to start sleeping with it again, because I've been having nightmares about coming home. XD

As for the work, we got references thrown at us from every direction. The past three weeks, we've probably reported 31 references and 6 contacts. Super cool! :) Quite a few of them have baptismal dates and are progressing. The rest, we're going to check up on them this week. A couple that we were trying to help get married passed for a few things these past two weeks. We found the guy drinking in the street, but he stopped drinking about 3 almost 4 months ago because of the discussions. Then, when we got everything, literally EVERYTHING ready for them to get married, they called us and tried to do the breakup chat. We went over, and as it turns out, the kids have been causing them problems because they are a split family. The woman doesn't even really want to get married, and the guy never even asked her if she wanted to marry him. I guess they just assumed since they've lived together 8 years. And she never said no as we were getting papers ready. Anyway, a really weird situation. They said that they would call us when they figured things out. That was kind of a downer. :(

Then, a young man that we've been teaching has stopped drinking 2 now 3 weeks. :) He honestly is just the best. That's his baptism phioto. :) 

He is seriously the I was so . . . in spiritual awe. Like, a celestial moment occurred when he got baptized. Him coming, and his family coming to support him. The family that befriended him and brought him to church. Everything just worked together for his good, and I now understand why. When he received his confirmation, a counsilor from the mission gave it to him and then gave him a blessing. I wish I could tell you what he said, but this sums it up pretty well: "We baptized a legend." He's going to go and do big things. I love him to pieces, and I'm so excited to see where this new gospel life takes him. I sat there, and the Spirit gently whispered to me. I was meant to find him. :) Goll, I just love him! Okay, enough gushing over him. I'll do that when I'm home ;)

A family that we've been working with has all the lessons now. We just need them to come to church. The sister had all the ganas in the world to go, and she finally came this Sunday. I asked her how it went, and she said that she'd be coming back next Sunday. I'm so excited for her and her son. They chose their own dates to get baptized and everything. I'm excited to see where it all goes. :) 

Another family that we're working with has seriously been awesome. They both have been reading their chapters in the Book of Mormon, even when one went on vacation (they never do what we ask them to do when they go on vacation). They've been really receptive, and they've eaten everything up. The one sister has an athiest boyfriend (yep, another future marriage), but he supports her and he even wants to listen to us and change his life. She instantly accepted a baptismal date, and she's stopped going to her church because of all the things that they do contrary to the gospel that she feels and that we're teaching her. It's been really cool to see her doubts get resolved by the true and restored gospel, and she's super excited to come to church with us. Then, her niece accepted a date, which surprised me, because she didn't accept getting baptized in the church where her mom goes. But she's very aware of her date, and she's excited. We just need the members to help us and befriend them so that they get motivated to come to church with us. :) 

As for funny things that have happened these past two weeks . . . we played volleyball and soccer as a zone, and our zone leader now knows that, if he wants to win, just make Hna Huber angry. XD I scored like 5 goals in soccer, and then I got a little bored in volleyball because one elder was hogging the ball, so I got mad and took the ball from him. "YEAH! GET MAD, HNA! GET MAD!" XD Then we all went to BurgerKing for icecreams. :) 
At the Mother's Day activity, the sister decorating took my idea and used it. She wrote all the mom phrases on hearts, like "The dishes aren't going to wash themselves." "You'll understand me when you're older." And, during the actual activity, Elder Trujillo and I passed Skittles back and forth, trying to catch them in our mouths. XD ah, and I was looking for Hna Olguin, and I asked Elder Carrasco if he'd seen her, and he told me no. So, when I found her, all I heard from behind in another hallway was "OLGUIIIIIIIN!!!"
Some people from Zapata drove by and they waved hi! Totally made my day that they still remember me. :) 
We found a ginormous iguana and a motorcycle guy tried to help me catch it. We say hi to him all the time now, and he practices his English with me ;) 
Two historic days happened where Elder Pérez finally gave me the Snickers that he's owed me to years.
He's actually scared to make me mad now. This will have to be explained at home, but just ask me about Elder Pérez and "handsome" and you'll be so happy that you did. XD
I almost fell out of the hammock because a sister told me that she had two pigs in her bathroom. I flipped out of it and ran to them. Aren't they just the cutest? There's three now. :) 

Ah, and when we told Luis that we were going to see him basically every day of the week, he said, "Ah, hay que aprovechar la semana." XD I died. We played sports again as a branch, and Elder Pérez and I ran around bare foot because we both hate shoes. "Uh, I just want to take my shoes off." P "I'll join you." H "But I'm wearing miss-matched socks." P "Well, so am I." H 
HEY! Look at the baby bird that they brought to church! :D

Anywho, studies have been very powerful and nice. Through them, I can feel of God's love for me and for every person that we teach. I feel a great desire in my heart to learn more and live more of the Gospel, and then to help others find that same joy. I studied a lot about repentance this week, and I'm so happy to apply the Atonement in my life daily, so that I can become a better daughter of Heavenly Parents and a better neighbor to those around me. I've had some seriously great Sundays, where partaking of the sacrament has become a wonderful and sacred opportunity for me to really talk with God and remember His Son. Seeing the change that the gospel brought into Luis' life and the way that literally everything worked for the better so that he could get baptized this week just affirmed to me that this work is precious. Anyone who has the opportunity to bring others closer to Christ (and you don't need to be a missionary to do it, either!) brings not only blessings to others but to their owns lives as well. So, if you're feeling down, serve others. If things don't seem to be going your way, help your neighbor. Life is good and meant to be enjoyed. It's too short to be angry with others. Love them. Charity is the pure love of Christ, so just because we may not love someone, Christ does. And He's given us the sacred opportunity to love others and be answers to prayers. The restored gospel is true, the Book of Mormon is true, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true, and I'm blessed to know it and to help others come to know it as well.

Os amo! Sigáis adelante! :)

Ah, and P.S. I'm learning a neat dialect here. Ch'ol. So, samonech'!

Hermana Húber :)
Misión México Villahermosa
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Monday, May 7, 2018

Semana Sesenta y Cuatro

Hey everyone! So, first off, sorry in advanced. No pictures, because my camera died and I keep forgetting to charge it. Second off, I have been the worst at journaling this week, so if my entries seem shorter and not too . . . epic like always, that is why. I hope that you enjoy nonetheless. :) MUCH LOVES! 

On Monday (20th April 2018) HAPPY 15 MONTHS! ONLY 3 MORE TO GO. :l  ... Hna Olguin was still super sick. She got a mosquito virus, so that's been fun. But, I was able to exercise some awesome service for her. If you've ever been taken care of by me, you know that you are not allowed to do anything but sleep until you feel better. She tried to do her laundry or cook or whatnot, but I just ended up sending her to bed so that I could do it. So, I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, and studying, which was actually a really nice feeling. I know that we are in the service of our fellow men, we are only in the service of our God. And that, as we serve one another, feelings of hatred, anger, and resentment can be filled with love, peace, and forgiveness. I haven't had any problems with this companion, thank the heavens, but I had a renewed appreciation and love for her because of the service that I was able to give to her. And she appreciated it beyond measure, so SERVE! It's awesome. :) 

On Tuesday (1st May 2018) we had one of the most interesting district classes ever. It's always been interesting being in a district rather than a stake, and sharing the area with two other companionships, but it's been so weird here. XD luckily we got some transfers within the area, so . . . hopefully some things change. If this tells you anything of how it went: Hna Olguin has the tendency to tell Elder Trujillo that what he says in english is right, and I have to tell him that it's not. It annoys him SO BAD, so just in the heat of the conversation, "I COULD SAY THAT PERRO MEANS CAT AND SHE WOULD SAY YES!" I had to just sit in a corner for a moment to calm down, and the american elder than joined us that day (because of 3 day divisions) had to sit down because he was laughing so hard. Anywho, on a more spiritual note, we went with our recent convert and his family, and his sister CHOSE HER DATE! That was a huge step for her, because we've been working with her for some time now, but because Esteban showed more interest, we focused more on him. So, now that we're focused on her, she's doing it! We're super excited to work with her. Then, we went with a reference that we were presented to at church, and it was a seriously beautiful and intense lesson. I was so into it that I didn't even realize the grandma left. XD anywho, when we asked him to say the closing prayer, he wanted to cry after doing it. It was so beautiful, and I just love this kid! He accepted a date to get baptized, but we have a lot of work to do before he can do it. :) but, we have faith. And, he totally made it worth it, because unfortunately, people can receive an answer, but they decide to take the easy way out and deny it. I got to watch Hna Olguin pop a top for the first time in a lesson. Needless to say, the kid knows that he's denying the answer he received and that there are consequences to that action. It'll be a funny story for when I get home ;) 

On Wednesday (2nd May 2018) we did weekly planning. We have some seriously good people who could totally get converted and be awesome members, we just have to work with them to get their answer. They're just dolls. Anywho, after the food appointment (that was seriously a disaster), we went visiting with a young woman who wants to serve a mission. We saw Esteban's sister and taught her about prophets. I just love our prophet today. I remember meeting him at the CCM and just KNOWING that he was a man of God. I just love him. :) And I testify that he is the prophet today and that he literally talks to God and that God guides us through him. :) Then, we went with a young woman that the missionaries have been working with for 6 months. We talked with her and we prayed about a date to be baptized. We did a prayer right there, and it was beautiful because she received an answer on the spot and cried because she knew that she needed to do it this week. We were super excited for her :) That night, we helped the branch with some ideas on how to help unify the branch. Afterwards, I was apologized to for a few things that had happened in the food appointment, and I was just a happy kid. Forgiveness is the key to healing. 

On Thursday (3rd May 2018) we went and visited the young woman to get permission from her brother to get baptized and set up her program and everything. She was really brave, letting us in and talking openly about getting baptized, because her family is against it. Especially her dad, and he's been the problem the entire 6 months, because he won't give her verbal permission (he doesn't live here). So, I was really proud of her. :) Then, we went with Luis, and it was so funny, because the grandma is pretty hardcore. He said that he didn't think he'd have time because of work, and as we were talking about it, the grandma went in and planched the boss, so he had enough time to talk with us ;D so funny. As it turns out, he has some things that he needs to work through, but he wants to do it. So, we're going to work with him so that he can take the healing process of repentance and get baptized. :) Then, we ended the night playing sports, and as always, I get intense. But, the members are used to that now. XD

On Friday (4th May 2018) it was a pretty emotional day for me. Super, actually. But, I learned a lot from it. We can't live to anyone else's expectation, and I think that's something that I have struggled with my entire life. I'd try to live up to the expectations of people who were supposedly my friends, the expectations of people who didn't even know me, and I'd always try to live up to my own incredibly high expectations. Being out here on the mission, and especially this day, helped me to realize that I have to prioritize the importance of other peoples' opinions of me and that I have to live to the expectations that God has for me. Before, I couldn't tell you what those are, but now that I have a better relationship with and understanding of God, I'm working to figure those out. The perspective that I have on life is incredibly different, and that's why I'm grateful for the companion that I currently have. She's the first one to really change in me what others couldn't. And, it all leads to Christ. :) That was the great things about being crushed for a few moments. God always turns our hardest moments into treasures and lessons that will carry us through our lives forever. What matters is what God and I think of me, and the expectations we both have for me. My life will no longer be dictated by someone else, especially if they have no right being a part of it. It also made me reflect on the relationships that I'm striving to attain and maintain. Overall, it was God's way of protecting me from a lot of things that I realize now that I don't want to deal with in the future. Great personal lesson within the mission, and definitely a testimony builder for my investigators. :) Another down for the day was that the young woman we were working with decided not to get baptized for the fear of what her dad would do. Her prayer was incredibly sad, because she knew that she was denying the answer that God had given her. :( But, I know that she'll do it. It's just not her moment yet. We ended the day with awesome contacts and references, and some Guanabana juice. That stuff's the best. :) 

On Saturday (5th May 2018) we had an awesome lesson on the Plan of Salvation with Esteban's sister. She read her chapter, and she just ate up all that we were teaching her. Her brother also accepted to get baptized with her, so we're really going to work with this family. I think the best part of it all is seeing Esteban's face knowing that he's getting so much closer to having an eternal family. He always prays for them. :) Ah, and I got bit by a ginormous ant during our lesson, and I seriously thought that I was going to die. After it bit my leg, it felt like needles stabbing me up along my leg, and I couldn't focus and my heart started feeling a lot of pressure. But, I am a living witness today that I indeed did not die. XD But I definitely freaked. My companion did too. Anywho, afterwards, we went on an adventure and contacted. I chased some turkeys and chickens, and I saw a huge pasture of cows. Super great day. :) Ah, and we met a sweet lady who doesn't speak much Spanish. They speak chol here. Dialect! :D So, if I learn some, I'll be sure to share it. :) Ah, and then we went and taught an awesome family that we found a few weeks ago but haven't been able to find in their house. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation, and the mom has a Catholic background, so she's really obsessed with el infierno or hell. So, when her daughter was asking us about the telestial world . . . well . . . "So, the telestial world is like--" Daughter "HELL!" Mom "Uhm, no." Me. XD We all just DIED. And then, we talked about baptism, and we explained that God has revealed that, at the age of 8, children should get baptized. I didn't even get the explanation out completely before the sister whipped around, pointed her finger at her brother, and screamed, "SINNER!" The fact that she was participating and showed interest was a miracle in and of itself, but that was honestly the best thing ever. I died so hard. XD She's my kind of kid. 

On Sunday (6th May 2018) we had a great church meeting. I just felt very happy and cal, and I enjoyed listening to the testimonies and reading the scriptures. I have a weird mattress, so my back has been hurting me these past few days, so I bent over to text the key indicators in, write a few things in my agenda, and then read Alma 5 (if you're feeling good about yourself, don't read that chapter. It planches you. That's why it's my favorite, because I need some planching done.) Our zone leader asked my about my aerobics after the meeting. XD But, I got him back because he was falling asleep during it, so when he leaned his head up against the wall, he turned off the lights, drawing all the attention to him and giving away the fact that he was falling asleep. So, I happily replied, "Ah, and what was up with you turning off the lights then?" He didn't mention it again. XD The food was seriously great, and the sister is a doll. :) And then, we went to appointments that didn't end up being there, and then we went home to make some goals for this next transfer. We're super excited, because a lot of things are happening! Woohoo! Second to last transfer and it's gonna be awesome. :) 

I love you all! And I'll talk to you next week! :D  

Hermana Húber :)
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Monday, April 16, 2018

Semana Sesenta y Uno

Hey everyone! :)

On Monday (9th April 2018) we had transfers. It was definitely great, especially when I'd been praying for someone to talk to during our wait, and two men talked to me throughout the two hour wait. But, it was a great opportunity to share the gospel and it passed the time. :) I saw Hna Olguin and we just talked forever. It's been so nice to just talk English. Ah. :) We wrote home and that was a blast, and then I spent the rest of the time unpacking. :) Oh, and I was laying on my bed while Hna Olguin talked on the phone, and then all I heard was "BAAAABE!" and I about flipped out of the bed. I'm in the same zone as Roe, so we talked for a hot minute. :) It was so good to talk to her again!

​On Tuesday (10th April 2018) we went to district class before heading over and buying food for the week, and then, as we were walking, a guy stopped and told me that I was beautiful in English. I just said thanks and kept walking, but Hna Olguin just died. She's not used to all the attention I attract ;) It's been quite the ride. The day was pretty uneventful other than that because no one was home. So, I got to know the area. But, I enjoyed a few revelations I received. We aren't to judge in the sense that we critisize and hate, but we are to judge righteously. Those who should be friends of ours, those who shouldn't. And also, that obedience to Heavenly Father's commandments is the only way to be happy. Sometimes, we view the commandments as restrictions, but in reality, it's so that we can have true happiness. 

On Wednesday (11th April 2018) this marked the day that I finally fell in the mission (iceskating doesn't count because of course that would happen). We were just walking, and I was deleting messages in the phone so that more could come in, and then I just slid to the side and fell down. XD it was a miracle that I didn't hit the car or anything like that, and Hna Olguin freaked, like I was passing out or something. XD We ate food, and it was so funny because Elder Trujillo wanted to know how to say "mal" in english, but Hna Olguin heard "mar" so she told him and he said, "I feel OCEAN!" incredibly confident to me and I just died. It was another walking day and getting to know the area, and now, I have a little "boyfriend" in the market who just stares at me with that look of, "hey there!" everytime we go. XD In my study, I loved in my little gratitude book that my mom sent me when it said that we should overlook our tribulations to focus on the things that bring us joy. It also talked about how love without works is like faith without works: DEAD. So, we have to serve and actively love those who we want to love. And, I've always enjoyed that. I've always been able to know who really loves me through their works, not through their words. I also like that it talked about faith being an anchor, which is something that we need in such a crazy world.
On Thursday (12th April 2018) we did weekly planning so that I could know a bit better who it is that we're teaching, and then we headed out to teach. It was fun to see a change when we passed by for an investigator and her brother for the sports activity. He wasn't going to come, but me being me and not taking no for an answer, he came and did so joyfully. ;) It was an awesome activity. I am not good at sports, but I make up for that with screams and some good shots. Especially when I get angry. That's when I play my best. ;) In my study, I realized a great example in the Book of Mormon of how the restored gospel blesses out lives: there aren't any divisions/social classes, there aren't any contentions, and everything is peaceful. But, we end up falling into apostasy or moving away from God when we allow rebellion and pride to take over. Blessings come to us because of a love for God. :) 

On Friday (13th April 2018) we had some awesome lessons and contacts. We were able to help a couple take the steps necessary to get married and then to get baptized. It was awesome! We met with a less active family and they treated us like royalty. I loved it! And we had a good lesson with them. Then, we went to take out money and the elders were there so they "helped" me take out my money, and when we kept taking more out (Elder Hamblin accidentally sent me the rent from Carmen XD), they couldn't believe it. They kept saying that I was going to take them out to dinner too ;) Haha! Oh, and I saw my checkout boy lover. ;) woohoo... On the bright side, I learned that love is the essence of the gospel and first and great commandment. That Heavenly Father never lets us down, and that every experience makes us better children of God and a better instrument in His hands. 
On Saturday (14th April 2018) we had some great lessons, and overall a pretty solid day. I learned that the Book of Mormon and a testimony of it is what will protect us in these last days. I also know that the gospel is a message of peace and goodwill. :) 

On Sunday (15th April 2018) it rained! And it was beautiful. :) We had a great service, but because of the rain, a lot of investigators didn't end up coming :( I liked the lesson in relief society, though. That we need to look at others through Heavenly Father's eyes and love them. :) That we are all children of the same Father, and that we need to treat each other as such. I especially loved the scripture they shared: 1 Samuel 16:7. Recognize sin and weaknesses, but love them and help them cultivate the potential that they have. :) 

​Sorry if this letter was short and confusing and to the point. This keyboard is horrible, and I don't remember much from this week. Super crazy, super fun, and super tired. ;) the life of a missionary. I'll try to be more in it next week. I love you all! 

XOXO from your white girl in México!

Hermana Húber :)
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